Ready to trim your AC-1 as the Black Team does for the PWA? Follow the tips!

When the new sails arrive, everyone is eager to rig and jump on the water, but often it brings stress as it’s windy, and due to the new settings, it takes longer to get ready, and it all makes it less fun. This is not only for the sails, but it could be for a new boom to fit the harness lines, a new board to fit the fin and straps.

Being a technical product, it’s very important to take time to rig the new sails the first time, and to make sure that all the components are nicely set.

As most of the Point-7 fans have now received their new AC-ONE, we have rigged the sails for you and trimmed them to perfection as the Black Team does. This way with this trim to the millimetre, you can now have the world champion’s settings.

So, unpack your AC-One, in a nice sheltered clean place with no wind. Put all your sail numbers and sponsor stickers on the sail if you have. Than you are ready to start rigging for the first time.

Below you will find the table of our Black Team setting. If you are using a Point-7 extension, use the ext. numbers as written on the extension table. If you are not using a Point-7 extension, take a measuring tape and make sure that, if the extension for example says 32, you measure from the top of the pulleys to the top of the ring 33cm. Just add 1cm against the measurement given.

For the boom length, we are measuring the inside of the boom. Therefore, from the internal part of the boom head, where the mast is resting on the boom, all the way to the back of the inside of the tail. This will be the max setting of the sail in strong wind. For light wind, you can release with the adjustable outhaul up to even 4cm.

Once you have set the extension and boom length to the setting we have given you in the table, rig the sails to those specs, and the last thing you must do, is to adjust the batten tension. Our advice is to un-tension all the battens once the sail is rigged. Put good tension to the top and bottom batten. So, when you start feeling tension going on the batten, you keep putting more for 2-4 rounds of key more. For the rest of the battens, after you had released the tension completely, start tensioning the battens to the point where, as soon as you feel that the batten start getting tension, you stop: practically almost no tension.

AC-1 5,0 402,0 370 sdm 34 sdm 48 168/-4
AC-1 5,6 420,0 400 sdm 22 sdm 32 183/-4
AC-1 6,2 438,0 400 sdm 40 sdm  48 191/-4
AC-1 7,1 459,0 430 sdm 32 sdm 48 194/-4
AC-1 7,8 497,5 460 sdm 40 sdm 48 214/-4
AC-1 8,6 519,0 490 sdm 30 sdm 48 229/-4
AC-1 9,2 519,5 490 sdm 32 sdm 48 243/-4

Check also our user manual in the sail, which will give you the visual on how the sail should look for the batten N: 4, 5, 6!

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