Point-7 welcomes Josep Pons to the Point-7 Black Team. Josep living in Pozo, Gran Canaria, is always working on his wave riding and jumps, to get into the top 10 of the Professional Windsurfing Association tour ranking. Being on the water when he is sailing, always motivates you to get better.


Josep is not only dedicating his life to windsurfing as a pro, but also has his own career as a personal trainer, where he is often helping other pro riders improve their skills.

Along with Josep, Point-7 will organise 4 clinics in the Canaries for 2019. You will have to stay tuned and ready to book your spot, as it will be only for a limited number of people.

Andrea Cucchi ‘ I slowly got to know Josep during our discussions on projects. I was impressed to find so much energy and motivation in wanting to improve and do things the right way. I really felt that with Josep we would not only share radical images, and dreams from our black sails, but also do different projects to have our brand closer to people. His enthusiasm for detail motivates me to work with him on the Black wave sails, taking the wave discipline to new boundaries.’

Welcome to the dark side of windsurfing Josep!

How fast was the decision to join the Point-7 Black Team? What made you chose to go Black?  

My decision was fast and easy, because I felt a really good energy and possivity to support my projects. From the first moment the communication between Andrea and me was really easy and we understand each other. I felt we would be really close and work really good to bring the brand as high as possible.

Your home spot is Pozo. Is that where you are from?

I’m living on Gran Canaria since 2002. But I am form Menorca. I can say Pozo is my home spot since then, because is one of the spots I sail the most on Gran Canaria. But Gran Canaria have many other spots, where I love to sail.

How is your time spent in Pozo as we know that you are also a personal trainer?

Since I started to do the PWA again, since 2012, I’ve combined my business as a personal trainer with my windsurf training time. My life is oriented and focused to windsurfing. I have personal trainings early in the morning and all the afternoons. In between I try to fit my workouts and windsurf training sessions. It is really exhausting, but is what makes me to feel good.

Did you ever coach other pros?

I love to analyse the moves and windsurfing movements, and always I talk about it with my friends. A few years ago some of the pros and friends started asking me to coach them. I love it. Is amazing to see you can help the best windsurfer of the world. Even more when you think some of them are the ones you analyse to keep motivated and admire them to be the best windsurfers of the world.

What are your plans this year for events? Will you train only on your home spot?

2018 it has been the hardest and more difficult year of my life for different reasons. But I had the possibility to train one month with Carlos Sosa, my father in law, and I felt a huge difference on my sailing.  He believes on me more than any one in the world. After that month I’ve realised that the month we been working together was more effective than 15 years sailing alone, I’ve maturated my sailing extremity fast. So, if I train a bit more maybe I can have a better performance. Due to it for 2019 I will try to be more focus on my sailing and windsurf training, traveling, work harder on my equipment and windsurfing technique, and for sure do different Training Camps. 

You are planning some clinics, what are the ideas behind this?

Yes, for sure. A lot of my clients are waiting for the dates of the Training Camps and Clinics. They already booked they spot in it. My idea for 2019 is to included 2 more Training Camps in different spots. One in Lanzarote and one in Tenerife, spots where a lot of people was waiting me to go.

Normally the Training Camps are 3-4 days of sailing and with different people with big variety of levels, enjoying the conditions and looking to improve their sailing as fast as possible. Also I include some windsurf training workouts, equipment set up, yoga or stretching. As I say to them, I’m there to give all my knowledge to them, they just need to ask me what they want to know and I try to explain it as clear as I can.

What were the impression of the Salt Pro’s as you first got to ride on them?

For the moment I couldn´t test it, but it looks like I would work really good. Just need to test if it fits on my type of sailing. What I’m looking on a wave sail is a compromise between stability, neutrality and manoeuvrability. Let’s see how it works. 


My main goal is to have the possibility to train more working a bit less and see how far I can arrive in the different events. I never had the help to do it, and finally this will be the first year, having the support of Point-7 and I-99. Thanks to believe on me.   

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