Time to go for the new Sweet!

This is what is missing in Windsufing, and this is what we are bringing. The Sweet is the first introduction of what we will be the future of more products for our Sweet side of windsurfing. It’s not made for girls but for windsurfing girls who know what they want, look for freedom and show their tough side!

For 2013 the Sweet had to be lounched new. We have introduced this year a new structure reinforcements for all our sail lines. This has takeng out 3-400 grams according to the sail size. To be sure that the quality and strength was the same, we have been testing the new structure for over 2 years. So being the weight one of the main points of the needs for the windsurfing girls, even if they are as tough as the guys, we decided to develop the whole new sail for our Sweet dark side of our brand!

The main point would be… ‘why should a girl have a different sails from the guys?’

They actually don’t need a different sail, as the real windsurfing girls need the same performance as the guys wether it’s in waves, freeriding or any other discipline. So why having a different sail for the girls then the guys? We concentrated in making sure that the lighter weight body and generally height of the girls, would be finding a more comfortable stance with the sail. So keeping all the qualities of a full radical sail, but getting the clew height, profiles, boom opening all adjusted spots for this slight different need.

Rather then that, we made sure the new Sweet, was not a sail for girls, but for those girls who want to take the sail to the heightest level of competition. So we now started with the Sweet which is now the Freestyle wave sail for the girls. It’s available in 3 sizes for the moment.

The 5.6 being a freewave sail. This makes the sail fun for freeriding but at the same time you can take it in the waves and ejoy it in jumps, wave sailing or just cruising.

The 5.2 is the real Freestyle wave sail. You will enjoy all radical new moves on the waves, freestyling and we gave it a great stability to also bump and jump to have fun in all conditions.

The 4.5 is a wave sail coming from the Salt concept and delivering the same performance, but with all the adjusted requirements as explained above.

We gave it a fresh aggressive look to make the boys scared when the Sweet will just drop on them on the next wave! Ladies…it’s your call to flaunt it!

It was great to see new girls who had never tried a Sweet before, coming out from the water in Tenerife with great smiles and super positive feedback. For this we would like to thank for all the work in testing and putting the ideas together, our loved Greta Benvenuti from our Black Team, and all the girls which have tested for us the new and old versions of the sweet, giving us lots of feedback and ideas.

oh…yes …it’s 4 battens!

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