The other day, there was a group of guys who could not believe Greta being on a 5.6 slalom sail in almost 40 knots and over 3m swell. They were feeling heros to go out on their 3.6 sails. Greta was out there sailing with the boys who were super overpowered on 6.3s. As she got to beach after some training, she took out her 3.6wave sail, same size as the guys, and went smacking the waves. The same group of guys were thinking to change sport! She was forward looping, back looping going on radical top turns… What we think? We think Greta should go for the PWA Wave Tour aswell. Let’s cheer her up to do it!

You are now the only girl in the black team, how does it feel to be between all these boys in the water? 
Oh that’s a good question..I’m used to sail with guys since I started windsurfing and this is keeping me motivated to do better and wanting to get close to their level. In slalom and wave riding, I love the guys style, they are radical and I want be like them! I don’t feel different, they respect me, I know that! 

We have seen you out there in over 30knots with a 5.6, while the others with almost 100kg were with 6.3 sails. Is it true? 
Yes, it is. I couldn’t choose, we had to make a photoshoot and my little sail size was only 5.6. So why be a pussy, and stay on the beach! I can do’s water, and what is the worst thing that could happen? Nothing, ,,,, maybe fall in one jibe? So what!, you can do water start and get going! 

Don’t you have a smaller sail then 5.6? 
Yes I have 5.0 but not here with me. I should get it next week. 

How is it for a light weight like you to be out in those hard core conditions. We know that many national racers who visit Tenerife normally stay on the beach as they are scared to go out in slalom in those conditions. What are the main difficulties? Fun or scared? 
I think that windsurfing is more inside you than outside…if you feel that you can do something, you can, if you start to think, “oh maybe I can’t because I’m not trained enough, or because I’m not technically able to do that” of course you loose…you loose many opportunities…and the chance to progress. I can’t live without adrenalin, and staying on the beach watching the others sailing hard! Nobody knows before the try it. 

You have been racing in the PWA the last years. We know you love waves, and you are also very talented in that. Someone says that you would actully end up in top 3 if you would go for the wave tour. What do you think about it?Will this happen in 2013? 
I’m thinking about that. I love wave riding and everyone tell me that I’m ripping like the men! ;). I’m still not sure of my level in the jumps against maybe the top 3 girls as I guess I still need to go higher in the jumps. I can do the main ones that top girls do, such as the front and back loop. I want to learn to go higher and stall them. Why not? 

Which are your best jumps? 
Right now is the forward. 

So should we get the other girls worried? 
Don’t worry and be happy! Can only be good if more girls do more disciplines. 

Do you do any other training rather then fighting with the boys on the water? 
Yes, pilates and yoga, these give me awareness and energies. Is more important to have a strong mind than a strong body!

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