2 weeks before the event in Pozo, JOSEP sustained an injury which meant no training, but working on a fast recovery.Competing is in his blood, so he had to be ready, especially seeing it is his home spot.

TWH:- You are a personal trainer to many athletes in many fields. Was it hard to follow the strict routine to get ready for Pozo?

JOSEP:- Yes it was. I had to keep working with the windsurf clinics and combine it with my fast recovery plan. The physiotherapists told me I would need between 3 to 6 weeks to recover it. But working hard with the physiotherapist, rehabilitation and food, I thought I could reduce it to 2-3 weeks. 

A normal day was starting with a rehab session with biking, Compex and rehab exercises. After that I was going to the beach to coach some of my clients. Between sessions I was analysing all my opponents sailing in Pozo. Normally at midday I had the physio sessions. Pozo analysing after that, and to end the day with another rehab routine at night.  In two weeks I had more physiotherapist sessions than all sessions I had in my life. 

TWH:- In Pozo they had the largest youth fleet ever in the waves, both for the Boys and the Girls. Where you surprised at the level?

JOSEP:-  This year Pozo had 46 juniors. Amazing! I’m not surprise of the level as I can see the best kits sailing in Pozo during the year. They are pushing really hard and learning day by day. I love to see how they can improve, and with the equipment they have they are looking as a pros. 5 years ago they couldn´t do it because the small sails and boards, didn´t work as it works now. Next year the level will be to really really high.

TWH:- The youngsters are our future, they are the ones that will take our crown.

How would you like POINT-7to encourage them?

JOSEP:- Yes for sure they are the future. Point-7 has everything a kid need to improve. Point-7 team is working hard on the sails development. We have really good gear, working amazing, light and you can get it with a really good price, buying it form the website.  

TWH:- Looking at the single elimination ladder, there were no easy ways through the heats. From the second round on, each heat was like a semi final.

How important is your strategy?

JOSEP:- Yes, all the heats are hard. You never know how the elimination ladder would be for you. The strategy is always important and even more when you are injured and you try to sail without getting worst. Every sailor has a strategy. Me and Carlos Sosa, my coach, had been working on it. It worked really good on the simple elimination, but on the double, I was on pain and wasn’t able to do what I wanted, even a simple back loop or normal wave riding. But considering my situation,  ending 17th is not that bad if you analyse how are the other sailor on the same position or behind me.

TWH:- In the wave discipline you can use prototype sails.

How is the development going with the 2020 sails?

JOSEP:- Since the beginning of the year I was working with Andrea with the development of new wave sais. The truth is that when I used the Point-7 sails for the first time I was really surprised, they work a lot better than I expected. The sails are very stable, manoeuvrable and  with a good wind range. We are working on very small things, but they will make the sails much better. I invite to everyone to test it, they are amazing.

TWH:- In competition you use the SALT PRO but I also know you work hard on the SPY. Two totally different sails.

Can you explain them?

JOSEP:-  Well, the Salt pro does not limit any aerial move, it’s fast in changing tacks, it goes to neutral when needed, but still gives a good drive when surfing and jumping. It’s a very good sail for all conditions, and it’s more up what you can do, and the sail will support. The Spy is more limited to radical wave sailing when surfing, as the profile is deeper, and it gives power all the time. It’s actually the perfect sail for those who are also not having a super high level in the surf, as it helps not to lose speed and drive through the bottom turn, and in the jumps, you have so much control that you will feel comfortable to try out the first more radical jumps. So if you feel you want to go to the next step of wave sailing, the Salt pro is what you need, but if you feel that you need more support for the basics of wave sailing, or simply bump and jump, the Spy is the sail to have. 

TWH:- The first wave event of the year and the top guys have set a standard, it is high ! It is crazy ! Can you give any advice to those who are trying to learn the moves?

JOSEP:-  All the manoeuvres the pros do, seem to be easy. But they are really complicated. There are many hours of analysis. Well at least what I do. Many times when my clients come to my clinics they are surprised by how analytical I am. But it is really important to understand the physics of the wind and the Windsurf gear to know how to do it, and what progressions to do in order to be able to do the final move without hurting yourself

TWH:-  Thanks for the great work you are doing in POINT-7 and we look forward to seeing you compete in Tenerife.

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