EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour). After 3 events, Yentel is already the 2019 winner even if the tour has still events. 3 event wins in a row! An amazing season for him, and next will be the second PWA tour event for him. Thanks to Russell Groves (The Wave Hobbit) here is the interview, after the win in Lanzarote at the Windsurfing Centre Las Cucharas. Costa Teguise did not deliver it’s classic conditions, but more than enough to show an amazing competition. TWH:- You love Lanzarote, what is so special about this spot? YENTEL:-  Yes it’s true. Lanzarote is one of my favourite place for competition, it delivers the perfect freestyle conditions. Going out its great for jumping and going for big freestyle moves. Coming in it’s perfect for double power moves. TWH:- You were on orangey yellow sails, great for visibility but not the classic P-7 colours.How do you think P-7 should go with there colour schemes? YENTEL:-  True it’s not the classic Point-7, I love the black sails but i also like to make a bit of show so some colours is also super nice!!! So I’m really happy with the looks of the news sails, can’t wait to show you the final version! The one I used here was a proto which will be still very different to the 2 options which will be available in production in 2020. Actually they will look even cooler, and the yellow is a special Point-7 yellow. Wait to see the window colour! TWH:- Talking with friends on the tour, you are the man that is taking competition into a new era. So I have to ask……. Is it you or your material? YENTEL:-  It’s a combination of everything, but yes I’m feeling really comfortable with my gear. After a few years working together with Andrea we managed to make the sail what perfect fits my style and way of sailing! I know from Andrea that the work is appreciated a lot also by the windsurfers who than chose to buy the sail. TWH:- Juniors are our future and in Lanzarote we had juniors. How do you think Point-7 can encourage the young to compete? YENTEL:- The Juniors are the future!! And i can tell you they are coming strong  I see this kids coming for a few years and every event they are surprising me how much they improve. Who of them is impossible to say . Ancor Sosa Cather  is supported by Point-7 and he is improving each time I see him improving at each event. TWH:- Three competitions and 3 wins in the EFPT. Is the EFPT easier than the PWA? YENTEL:- I’m not sure  but I really love competing in the EFPT as the judging is slightly different and it’s suits me a little bit better. TWH:- You now go on to Fuerteventura for competing in the PWA, the results in Bonaire have left the field wide open. Fuerte is complicated, it can deliver or it can be a lighter wind gusty game. We know you love strong but does it really matter? YENTEL:-  I just arrived in Fuerte so i will have 20 days to warm up before the competition. Fuerte is a fun place to compete, really different then Lanzarote. But i like the challenge . I definitely prefer strong conditions.  I have the same fun sailing in lighter winds. TWH:- Fuerte is special and can also decide the world championship. All love to go there and sail but the competition area is special and not easy. We have a club there but it is not where you compete, tell us a bit about this centre? YENTEL:-  Yes, there is a Point-7 Blackteam center in Matas Blanca, I don’t go so often there as i like to train on the place of the Pwa. Matas Is flat water off-shore wind so it’s completely different the competition area. For holidays and windsurfing Matas Blanca is very relaxed, and the people who run it is kind, passionate of the sports and they make you feel on holiday. TWH:- YENTEL the EFPT champion, we love him and can’t wait to see him in action again.  

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