With there not being so many slalom events in the PWA, you have to find events to compete in. BASILE loves to compete and we love to follow what he is doing. Let’s find out how his first semester is going!

The season started with PWA France, Marignane,

TWH:- There was only one slalom in the event, however it showed your equipment has good speed.

A 3rd and 2nd to get you into the top 16. How is the 3 cam AC-ONE helping your sailing?


BASILE:- The event in France was super hard as we stayed long time on the water for only one race. You must be ready, focused and to keep your gear ready as well for 6 days. My gear is working well this year again, the sails are stable, fast and nice to race with! Super happy about the performance of my gear!


TWH:- You then got a 6th in the semi and then a 4th in the b-final giving you 12th overall. Very important for your ranking for the next event. You changed to NoveNove this year; how do the boards compliment your POINT-7 sails?


BASILE:-  We did 3 times my semi final and I was always on the top 4 position until the last one which was the one that counted, and I was not able to qualify for the final! Such a shame, but it proved that I can be on the final, so I’m happy about that! After that the B-Final was super windy!! I was on 8,6 and I changed to 7,8 during the procedure at the last minute. The board are working good, super-fast and easy control!


It was then onto Japan but there was no slalom.

TWH:- A long way to go to just sit on the beach. There is a large POINT-7 community there, did they keep you busy?


BASILE:- It was a long week again !

We didn’t race but it was 7-10 knots most of the time, so you need to be focus and to get ready if the wind builds up for slalom racing.  It’s nice to see some other riders (Japanese, Korean, Thai…) that we are not used to see them in the European event! So always nice to have a talk with them.


Next stop Korea. A hard event with a lot of sailing.

TWH:-There were many re-sailed heats, this means a lot of concentration.

How do you deal with it?


BASILE:-Yes it was again a difficult event as the wind was a bit tricky.But we did at the end 3 eliminations, and even if I didn’t make my best result it was a good event! In those condition you just need to be ready at all time, 3 sails rigged and 2 boards ready to go!


TWH:- This was probably not such a great event for you, getting 19th, out of the top 16. However, in the overall ranking you are 15th. Still in the top 16. How important is it for you to stay in the Top 16?


BASILE:-  On the first race I didn’t want to push too much on the start because there was a big chance to make only one elimination there…So I wanted to assure a good race and I did it with 17th which is not a good result but it’s definitely not a bad one! The second race I broke the top of my 8,6 just before my heat so I had to go 7,8 in 14 knots…The last one was in really good condition, 7.8 powered and I went pretty good until the B-Final where I took a bad start and finished 15th. But at the end of this event I learned a lot, I saw that this year I have more speed and I’m more consistent in my start!



No slalom in Costa Brava, so you decided to do the Defi Wind.

TWH:- This is a very different type of racing; can you tell us about it?


BASILE:- It was my first Defi Wind, and I just enjoyed it from the beginning to the end! The pros, amateur and beginner are sailing together and after that have a drink or party. For me it’s the best event in the World where every windsurfer, pros or amateur, must go one time in their life. I also love the spirit of a world cup where you need to be focus and ready but windsurfing with 1200 riders is something crazy !!!! 


TWH:- 27th in the first race but 7th in the second, giving you a 14th overall and second in your age category. What material did you use in each race? And why the big jump into 7th?


BASILE:-On the first race to be honest I didn’t know where I had to go haha. I took a bad start and didn’t make the right choice on the reach to come back to top position. On the second I said ok always point to the beach and it went pretty good as at one moment I was 4th fighting with Andrea ITA-1, my boss, but I took a bad decision to stay at the middle of everybody and Bjorn, Toselli, Van Der Steen killed me from the top and bellow haha. For the first race I was with 6,2 and 89 I-99, I was comfortable, but it was too light. For the second I went 7,1 and 119 for more power and it was good.  I’m not sure but I think mister ITA-1 was on 7.8.


After Defi it was a fast transition into the IFCA Slalom Worlds. Short track racing again at high speed.

TWH:- Was there anything you learnt from Le Defi that helped you in the IFCA?


BASILE:-Yes when you do 40km race, you have time to feel things on your equipment.


TWH:- IFCA Slalom World champion ! You won it even if there were no discards!

Is that important to you?


BASILE:-I’m happy because I was able to win races! I mean there is a step between starting a final and try to do good like 3rd or even 2nd, compare to go for the first place!! You need to start at the right position on the starting line, to take a good start and to control the fleet before the start and during the race. And I’m happy to have done it!


It’s onto the next events and the PWA event in Fuerteventura is coming soon.

TWH:- Fuerte can be a mixed bag, Extreme and light but hard core is guaranteed. There is only going to be 1 discard this year. What are your plans?


BASILE:- I can’t wait to be there!! When I was young, I have watched maybe 100 videos of freestyle and slalom action of the PWA there!  It’s really the place where I want to perform !! My gear is ready, I will be there 5 days before to get ready and physically I feel good!


TWH:- Thanks Basile, have fun on the water and follow your dreams.

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