The man that just likes to go out and have fun. The EFPT has started and what a fantastic start to the season for Yentel. I just had to have a small chat with him after his 2 consecutive wins.

TWH:- You just love to get on the water and play around but it is also your job. What is your favourite move at the moment in competition?

YENTEL:- Yes true making from your hobby your job is the best feeling ever!! The moves depending from where we compete, but I love to do double moves and big air moves.

TWH:- The sail and board combos are working nicely; can you explain which sail you use with which board in competition?

YENTEL:- I’m using the Point-7 Slash. As you never know what conditions you will get during the event i will have all sizes ready. 3.6-5.5 slash. from 3.6 to 4.8 I’m using 92L and with the bigger sizes 101L.

TWH:- Costa Brava produced the conditions you love, WINDY !!!!!!! And everyone going radical, right from the first round. There are no easy heats any more………. but how do you make them look so easy?

YENTEL:- Yes, Costa Brava was amazing. I prefer to windsurf in crazy conditions. I’m feeling really confidence this year and specially in crazy conditions. I have been training hard for it this winter. I know what I’m able to do, and not holding back to try!

TWH:- There is always a lot of waiting around in competition, especially when you are on a winning streak. Add no wind to the equation can make it long. How do you deal with it?

YENTEL:- Waiting part of competitions is the hardest part for me. I’m to active to wait around. I usually do some other sports in between just easy to keep me busy and not to start stressing. Like skate, BMX….

TWH:- A short travel to Vieste for the second event, new location for the EFPT. Possibility of some waves, so good for you. Small entry to the event with many of the top riders. Was this a new experience for you?

YENTEL:- Always cool to go new places, not knowing what to expect. The conditions where great some waves for jumping going out and flat in-between the waves coming in. For me this are the best conditions you can get for freestyle!

TWH:- Freestyle is very explosive, the power moves are very important. There are so many of them. How do you choose which ones to do?

YENTEL:- I’m really living for the moment during events. I just do what feels good. But at the end I probably have always similar heats just different order.

TWH:- This year we are seeing new combo moves coming into competition. They are risky to do but give high reward if completed. Is this hard to compete against?

YENTEL:- New moves is always hard to compete against but they usually not even so hard so if you go train quickly during the event, you may be able to do it already. But I never watch what the other guys do, and I sail my own best heat possible.

TWH:- 2 events and it is you and Jacopo fighting it out, with the score cards extremely close. Vieste, it came to a super final, with changing conditions. Choosing equipment and sailing area was key. Were the moves you did also important?

YENTEL:- If I don’t know what sail to take, I will always go for the bigger one, better being overpowered then under powered. Moves are always important specially in the finals you can’t hold back. Trying to make the best moves possible in the conditions.

TWH:- Now it is a break and then Lanzarote at the beginning of July. A spot you really enjoy. A spot where you can do massive wave assisted moves.

See you there.

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