Designed, Developed, Produced, Assembled in ITALY. At Point-7 each length mast is individually developed according to its size and estimated wind range. The reason for this development being that the qualities you seek in a large 9m slalom sail are very different from the qualities and performance characteristics from a 5m slalom sail which is used in strong wind. The result is a change in curve and stiffness according to length. This specific development guarantees that the user will always have a mast that delivers the outmost performance in its specific range. No matter your level of windsurfing, this development translates into performance for everyone.




No compromise in its performance. Racing, best reflex and light weight. If you choose this mast it’s because you want to dominate in speed and acceleration. As the gusts hits the sail, the mast will help convert this power into speed and keep the sail lighter whilst maintaining full control. The BlackPrime is constructed using a third extra layer of carbon in the top section of the mast. This is meant to accelerate the reflex of the upper leach of the sail and supply extra acceleration and speed to the entire rig. Some extra care is needed as the mast only has a minimal protection, giving the carbon the best performance possible.


  • Great pumping response
  • Acceleration
  • Light feel and absorption of the hardest conditions for optimal comfort and control
  • Main structure consists of 3 layers of carbon material
  • 2 unidirectional glass reinforcement sections are added to the mast to make sure that even in harsh conditions the mast is protected against breakage
  • As the gusts hits the sail, the mast will help convert this power into speed and keep the sail lighter whilst maintaining full control.
  • Made in Italy

technical specs

BLACKPRIMEEurosType%Bottom %ImcsTop %TypeCompatible withweight (KG) +-5%
370539SDM100641774Soft bottomHard topConstant Curve1,33
400549SDM1006420.574.5Hard topConstant Curve1,33
430569SDM100642175Soft bottomConstant Curve1,52
460579SDM10063.52575.5Constant CurveConstant Curve1,71
340449RDM100631575Constant CurveConstant Curve1,14
370479RDM100631775Constant CurveConstant Curve1,14
400499RDM100631975Constant CurveConstant Curve1,33
430529RDM100632175Constant CurveConstant Curve1,43

Point-7 masts are manufactured using the Prepreg-Autoclave process which creates an extremely homogenous carbon/resin mix under high pressure. Using a newly patented procedure which allows the resin to be distributed in equal quantities around the mast walls, the masts are guaranteed to have an equal curve around all its diameter, and thus more uniform in comparison to former production procedures. The resin is reduced to an absolute minimum for unprecedented durability. The resin used is top quality as well and will give support to the carbon even on very hot temperatures and on water crashes.