Designed, Developed, Produced, Assembled in ITALY. The BlackCore mast range comprises an 80% carbon content and is produced to the exact specifications of the Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness. The performance against the BlackPrime is very minimal and can only be measured with a clock, it will not be felt. Using the same high-performance construction ensures this mast superior performance in comparison with others in its class.





The high carbon content and quality of this mast will ensure durability and a good reflex that will lighten the feeling of any rig. Advantages gained from a higher glass content and lower carbon percentage, is that the masts are better protected against breakage but thereby also a little slower in its response than a pure carbon mast.


  • An extra catapult, an extra crash, long time rigged, this mast will not suffer
  • Best compromise between price, performance and durability
  • Racing without any type of stress or worries
  • Consists of 3 carbon layers and 1 layer of glass

technical specs

BLACKCOREEurosType%Bottom %ImcsTop %TypeCompatible withweight (KG) +-5%
400369SDM806420.574.5Soft bottomHard topConstant Curve1,52
430399SDM80642175Soft bottomConstant Curve1,71
460439SDM8063.524.575.5Constant CurveConstant Curve1,90
340389RDM80631575Constant CurveConstant Curve1,24
370399RDM80631775Constant CurveConstant Curve1,52
400419RDM80631975Constant CurveConstant Curve1,62
430429RDM80632175Constant CurveConstant Curve2,00

Point-7 masts are manufactured using the Prepreg-Autoclave process which creates an extremely homogenous carbon/resin mix under high pressure. Using a newly patented procedure which allows the resin to be distributed in equal quantities around the mast walls, the masts are guaranteed to have an equal curve around all its diameter, and thus more uniform in comparison to former production procedures. The resin is reduced to an absolute minimum for unprecedented durability. The resin used is top quality as well and will give support to the carbon even on very hot temperatures and on water crashes.