Development 024


F1 Sl Development 024

The success of the F1sl 2023 was obvious. Podium at the Defi Wind 2023, podiums at the PWA being first at the ranking to win the world title, but later disqualified for registration mistake in typing numbers on the form, but we do accept our mistake as we have been proud to see our development up there with Johan Soe to the first place. Johan was at the top by missing out one event being busy with his last year school exams, and this made him a bigger hero!

Therefore, what can you expect for 2024? The perfect racing foil sail hungry to show to who that title belongs too.

We had been tuning like crazy at each event Johan sails to make the perfection out of them by finding for each cam and batten the right tensions and pressures. We worked each corner of the sail to try to learn heat after heat what could be the perfect tuning of each detail. Understanding the changes needed for 2024 models for our goal to improve ourselves event after event.

We have re-designed the full leach of the sails, and the mast sleeves of most sizes to grant more aerodynamic profiles to cut through the winds. Customizing also for production the size of each cam in the different sizes. The battens are all developed in profile percentages different from size to size to meet the right pressure through the foil of the sail according to the conditions they will be used in.

The leach has been re-worked to fit the new needs of foiling power and reduce further the back hand to increase the wind range of each size. We have been on the beach first and left the beach last to analyze the possibilities to improve those curves around the mast sleeve and openings of the leach to be even more competitive for 024. We could just now draw the profile by freehand after having looked at it for so many hours.

We created last year special masts to fit the needs of the foiling world flying over a smooth surface, unlike windsurfing masts which need to absorb chop and pressure from the fin. Two different worlds needed specific distinct masts. Check out the new F100 mast line.

A new Anti-UV laminate has been implemented in the new sail to increase the lightweight and reflex of the full rig.

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