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AC-1 PRO 024 | The Development

In the past, the sail types that were just under the race sail high end performance, were 2 cam or 3 cams deriving from a freeride sail, transformed into a semi race sail.  Made to be light, planning early, but in the end when the right slalom racing conditions were coming up, the sails started to lose performance and heavy as they were blowing up. On the other hand, the race sails were getting more and more powerful to have burning acceleration out of the typical slalom course of 4 marks downwind. A power needed for the demand of pro riders but was not the ideal product for riders with less fitness, and technique to enjoy hours on the water. This power was requesting a lot of fitness, or it would just be exhausting after few runs.

There was not really a proper easier race sail for everyone and every weight. Still the race sail was the most developed sail from the top riders, as it’s always their main interest to work on the sail that they will use on the racecourse. Yes, they search for lots of power, but they also seek for comfort to be able to focus on the skills and tactics on the course. Hence, the race sails have always been the best sail to cruise, but just with way too much power in the handling, that if not fit in terms of technique and physical strength, it would have not brought any performance advantage to most riders.

We wanted to develop exactly what was missing. A race sail deriving fully from the PWA racecourse, but for everyone who wanted a non-compromise race but with a light weight. The idea was therefore to start directly from the AC-1 racing sail, and strip off the power which for many was mistaken for weight.

The drive the power, mainly comes from the width of the mast sleeve. The wider the sleeve, the more power on the front. This front power pushes down the board, but at the same time pulls forward and allows the rider to contrast this power more to the back of the board by pressing on the fin for max lift. By reducing just, the sleeve by 23% we realized that the power dropped to a pleasant power to handle for most slalom riders looking for high performance, made the sail feel light and easy in all directions also on the racecourse, and not only for blasting with a Gps or against local friends. Of course, the sail balance needs than to be adjusted to the new power, but the result is what can be called the slim sister of the AC-1 LTD. This is why we decided this year to call this sail AC-1pro. Is same as the PWA race sail, but just less dressed. Easier for everyone to reach amazing speeds.

This is now the reason why of the new sizes. Sizes are now not as important as it used to be. The sails are developed to work in a specific condition as their wind range capacity has been increased a lot. For example, if you take the new 8.8, you will not feel the need of a 9.2, and can be handle easy till the wind is almost really powered for a 7.8, where you could even realize that from 7.8 you could just size down directly to a 6.0.

The sail is available also in 9.1 for the heavier weights which look for an easier race sail, but large sail area to get going.

You are not racing PWA, you should really think of the AC-1pro as your best racing sail for pure racing fun.

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