Development 024


AC-0 Development 024

The fastest sail, the sail becomes light as wind increases, the sail is outstanding in powered conditions, amazing stability when powered. We had enough of these comments over the 14 years life of the AC-X. We wanted to hear even more positive comments on top of those received till now.

We ripped off the sleeve and cams from the AC-1 and added the sleeve of a no cam slalom sail. Nothing else we changed! We had to re-work a bit the leach to make the new tension of a smaller sleeve follow, but that was practically what gave us the newest evolution of our no cam slalom sail, the AC-0.

No more AC-X as the AC-0 has delivered a total new feeling in the world of no cam windsurfing. This is why we call it as NO CAM RACING, and not anymore SLALOM NO CAM.

Sure, take it to the racecourse and be happy to feel the power and acceleration not one sail on the market has ever had with no cam. A total new profile, outline, opening of the leach, race batten displacement. The AC-0 is the sail that is month that we can’t wait to get into the hands of you guys who were tired of cams but did not give up the idea to be fast as no one else. We worked whole winter and thought how to give you guys that super extra boost. Its now there.

The raw power in light wind, mixed with the extreme new drive will be scaring you on how it will be in strong wind. Just wait that the wind increases, and the AC-0 will leave you breathless. The testers after finishing the tests were fighting to get the sail to keep in their car for personal use, while waiting for the production to arrive.

We wanted to shock you with the 2024 development, and I’m sure we have managed it quite well. If you thought, what can be changed on the AC-X as it goes so amazingly, well we threw down that wall for a new generation of development.

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