Development 024


F1x Development 024

Yes, the 4.9 is now available on a standard 400rdm mast! Ready to take you from a light thermic wind to strong wind having an amazing wind range.

Did we use our pro riders to develop this sail? Well, they jumped on it once the development was done by our test team who is not as pro on the foil.

Why this? Simple, we wanted to be sure the sail to be super easy to use to stabilize foil and any instability by a non pro foilers.

The team aim was to make a sail which would stabilize the flight of the board with the foil even when the wind would not be stable or gusty. Keeping a stable stance on the equipment to have full control. It was not about speed acceleration, but just based on making sure that who ever got the F1X would have fun on their foil.

Often when riders test the foil sails, they are so good, that can develop super-fast product as priority and able to compensate if it’s also less easy not to sacrifice speed. So, we wanted exactly this not to happen to the F1X.

We worked in stabilizing and blocking the profile and the leach as much as there would be no movement anywhere of each part of the sail. A perfect stiff wing with no cam.

Did we reach the goal? Yes, we did! The pro riders when they jumped on the sail, were like…’wow…how easy is this sail?’. They loved it and were not even sure about their racing sail anymore.

The sails started selling last year, and most clients bought directly the second bigger or smaller size after trying out the amazing ease performance of the sail.

If you are not looking to compete at high end, this is an amazing sail to have fun on a free slalom foil or pure slalom foil.

But….you know what they say. If you are comfortable, you are fast. So don’t be amazed if you can keep with the foil sails with cam designed for racing. We put our 0.7 soul always and in all our sails.

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