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Centro Windsurf Paradise, Catanzaro, Italy

 Name of the Centre: Centro WindSurf Paradise Loc. Ruggero
Country: Italia – Calabria – Catanzaro – 88056 Sellia Marina – Località Ruggero
Spot: The spot is characterized by a constant westerly wind blowing from right to left. In addition you can count on a “thermal” wind which guarantees your trips to the sea. The sea conditions are mostly smooth with the presence of chop. The beach is made up of very fine sand.
Type of condition: The sea conditions are mostly smooth with the presence of chop.
Standard wind condition: June and July Mainly strong winds (25 knots) August and September moderate winds (10 knots)
Opening months: From mid-June to mid-September
Opening hours: From 9.00am to 1.30pm and from 3.30pm to 7.30pm
Closest airport: Lamezia Terme – Catanzaro
Type of accommodation available in the area: Guests can stay overnight at the Hotel 106 (three stars) in Via Petrizia, n. 6 – 88056 Sellia Marina (CZ), equipped with comfortable rooms and excellent services. Website
Instagram: windsurfparadise21

Ciao Andrea, tell us something about yourself, your job, interests and your relationship with POINT-7:
We are a team of instructors made up of four people with an indecipherable passion for the discipline of windsurfing. All workers (Professors, Administrators and Sales Agents) have decided to dedicate our free time exclusively to promoting the discipline of windsurfing. Thanks to the collaboration with POINT-7 we are first of all able to give a beautiful view of the centre, making it aesthetically better. In addition, thanks to the quality of the materials used in the construction of the products, the students significantly accelerated their learning abilities in the discipline. Finally, a very important element in the growth process of the centre, POINT-7 has constantly guided us, providing us with fundamental information on purchases, in order to make the equipment purchased fit perfectly, like a tailor-made suit, based on our commercial needs.

What about the center and it’s main features?
The structure is located inside the Lido Paradise, which has reserved, for the practice of windsurfing, an entire area that leads to the sea without any obstacle. Within this area, a space has been reserved for neophytes, beginners, in order to take their first steps through the use of a simulator entirely designed and created by the centre’s team which simulates the movements of the board based on the direction of the wind. The center also has synthetic grass mats on which to place sails and boards in such a way as to allow them to be washed and then stored. Furthermore, the structure has ample space inside for the storage of all windsurfing, SUP and other disciplines equipment.

How would a windsurfing client spend a typical day for a windsurfing at your spot. From when he wakes up till he goes to sleep. (Include activities such as other sports, meals, night life, relaxing time…) Tourists, if they decide to choose our location over the others, will be able to start spending the fun day at the beautiful Lido Paradise. The structure, within which our center is housed, offers an excellent service of sunbeds, deckchairs and umbrellas. Furthermore, the lido is equipped with a large catering area with bar and associated services that allow you to spend the whole day without the need for further travel. For guests, the day can continue by practicing the discipline of windsurfing at our center. The latter proposes the carrying out of promotional activities for the discipline of windsurfing, based on the level of preparation of the rider, arranged on three types of courses: a first level – basic course – for those who decide to approach the discipline for the first time also through the use of the specially designed simulator and the development of balance on the boards in the absence of rigs; a second level – intermediate course – for those who decide to start inserting their feet into the straps and attaching themselves to the tops with the trapeze; a third level – advanced course – for the rider ready for the first glides with associated maneuvers. The difference in wind intensity during the day allows beginners to practice windsurfing until around 1pm and then leave room for the more skilled in the discipline thanks to an intensification of the thermal wind until the end of the day.
Furthermore, the center offers the possibility of undertaking both the discipline of SUP to be able to move freely and enjoy our sea without commitments and that of SUP Yoga, a brand new discipline, which allows you to benefit from the sea in complete relaxation. Nearby (about 200m from the center) there is a boat garage which allows you to go on dinghy excursions with the possibility of renting jet skis. There is also a sports center nearby (400m) where you can practice five-a-side football, padel and group dancing. Once the day is over, tourists will be able to stay overnight at Hotel 106 (three stars), same property as Lido Paradise, located about 1.5 km from the beach. For this reason, the Hotel offers a small shuttle in order to reach the beach and the center in complete comfort, transporting your windsurfing equipment which can be conveniently stored at the aforementioned center. The Hotel is equipped with comfortable rooms with breakfast included, bar service and large spaces to relax comfortably. For dinner time, next to the Hotel, there is a beautiful restaurant surrounded by greenery with the typical name “U Nuzzularu”. The restaurant not only has the typical name but also the cuisine it offers, offering typical dishes such as “Morzello”, potatoes and peppers and many other delicacies. For those who don’t want to move 150m from the sea and the center itself it is possible to stay overnight at the Hotel Costa Jonica (three stars), equipped with comfortable rooms, with the possibility of having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Finally, a few kilometers away it is possible to spend the night in the center of the town with many attractions.

If the family is not windsurfing, what other activities in would you recommend on top of learning windsurfing?
As an alternative to windsurfing, it is possible to practice the discipline of SUP at our center in order to move freely and enjoy our sea without commitments and it is also possible to practice the discipline of SUP Yoga, a brand new discipline, within the center. which allows you to enjoy the sea in complete relaxation. Nearby (about 200m from the centre) there is a boat storage area which allows you to go on dinghy excursions, reaching very well-known and appreciated neighboring locations such as Soverato, Pietragrande, Copanello, Squillace, Le Castella etc. Furthermore, the garage offers the possibility of renting jet skis. There is also a sports center nearby (400m) where you can practice five-a-side football, padel and group dancing.

How many days of holidays would be perfect to enjoy the area?
It is advisable to enjoy our location in complete relaxation for at least 15 days. However, for a sprint holiday a minimum of 7 days is sufficient.

3 reasons why a customer will be happy about this experience?
The wonderful sea, the ever-present wind and the tranquility that our location offers.

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