Having the right tools, is half the work done. The Point-7 extensions are based on a very simple concept and in the aluminium range we offer 2 different systems.

The tube stays the same. So, you have the same ring to adjust the length with inserts every 2cm. Starting from 2cm, and that can be used without any problems on the last hole available as the mast and extensions have been engineered  not to give any structural problems even the extremes.

We keep developing our sails with this extension, and you can find the 1:1 print distance print on our sail for to know in a glance how much to set the extension to the different sail.

Wide holes for allowing sand to exit easily so nothing gets jammed. Just remember to rinse the extension once you finish windsurfing in salty water, by also taking it out from the mast.

Our extension is realized with T8 grade aluminium with anodized print to increase the durability of the prints.

Both pulley and cleat systems are attached directly onto the aluminium tubing and can rig pulley placed on the sail in different direction, and will not have any crossing lines, allowing downhaul efforts to be reduced to the absolute minimum.

If we take the Double Cleat Version. More options.

We have called it this way as you have 2 cleats on the same base. This way if you rig port tack or starboard, you will find the cleat easily always on the top. The cleats have a bridge to allow the rope to go under when down hauling, and it’s guided in the cleat.
Therefore, without looking or if you are using any type of aid tools to down haul the sail, it’s easy to block the rope in the cleat.
The extension offers the rollers, which means that can be used with 4 roller pulleys on the sails which have it.

Taking the Double Pulley Version. More direct.

We have called it this way as you have 2 pulleys, which are XXL. This means that it allows to downhaul the sail with much less power than normal wheel size. 

The cleat has no bridge on top to guide the rope when down hauling. This gives much more freedom to pull, less friction, so by connecting the 2 characteristics we just mentioned, makes the down hauling  much lighter and easier. There is no need to have cleats on both sides for rigging on port tack or starboard tack as the cleat is free and easy to lock the rope in both tacks.

More logic to insert the rope in the pulleys.

Using a helping downhaul external aid works, but not for all the existing winch types. Normally you should not need one as it’s effort less.

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