Developing the new F1e 5.4

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We have seen many foil dedicated sails entering the market, but at one point, would you really want to have a special sail only for foiling? Our idea was to design a Hybrid range with new characteristics that would have made the sail better on the foil than a traditional sail, but at the same time giving an extra also on the fin.

The first sail that we designed in the F1e range was a bump and jump sail. Many call these Freestyle wave sails, some call them power wave, but in the end the concept is the same. Generally, it’s 5-batten wave sail with more profile and power. Many use this sail for riding waves at ‘basic’ level, others use it for doing basic freestyle moves on chop, others use it as a freeride sail for strong wind. We started from this concept and added a wide mast sleeve and a cam. These 2 ingredients might look very strange on this type of sail, but we could call it a revolution in the bump and jump. Of course, this concept would only make sense on the bigger size of sail, and we would not think to make it on a smaller size as the plus 2 ingredients would no longer be needed.

Bump and Jump means blasting with your freestyle wave board at high speeds and enjoying some basic jumping, up to looping, and nice board carving. When you use a 5.4, how radical strong is the wind? Not really. Therefore,  imagine having a bit more drive below, a small cam, which pushes to have the extra power, stability and takes you to do all this which much more grunt and precision. Having a sail that pulls like a 6.0 but holds wind like a 5.0. This is how the F1E 5.4 feels on a fin and what you were doing with your 5.0 up to 5.9… you can do it all now on a 5.4 F1e.

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While on a foil, when the wind is light, you don’t need to look for a slight bigger sail than you would normally buy, as that extra profile given by the small cam, will give the extra power to fly on a foil in light wind, more stability for pumping the board out of the water, and as the wind is light and gusty often, the cam will provide the continues drive to the foil for the extra stability. Something that on a no cam the profile would be more on and off, the pumping not as direct and continue loss of power in the lulls.

The rotation of the cam? You will have to look if there is a cam. You will not feel the bang when going on the new tack!

The sail rigs on a 400rdm mast. You can use the high clew for windsurfing, and the low clew for windfoiling.

You can take the sail flying on the foil under 10 knots, and as soon as you have 13-14 knots, you take out the foil and you keep blasting on the fin up to 21 knots.

We know it’s something new but be ready to be surprised how the F1e 5.4 will outperform any expectations.

The sail will be available from mid-end November. If you are interested do reserve it at your local dealer, or send us a mail at [email protected]


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