Ricardo is ON for the Storm Chase

The season is already on for this years edition of the Red Bull Storm Chase, and it will be BIG, because Ricardo Campello will be taking part of it. We know he will be going ALL-IN, and cant wait [...]

Taking care of the mast

The mast is considered to be the back bone of the sail. How well do you try to keep your own back bone? As healthy as possible. Therefore, it’s the same care which is needed for the mast for your [...]

Win with the Black Sheep

Do you know the Windsurfing BlackSheep Community? It’s time to join their monthly photo contest to win amazing prizes. A group of windsurfers who blast around all waters, with the Black Sails [...]

Point-7 in Australia

Introducing our Network point in the Down under! This month we are introducing to you our Australian distributor. Jurgen is a very dedicated distributor and enthusiast of the brand. He loves the [...]

The AC-K development zero18

As you might have seen from the latest videos, (https://vimeo.com/248002454) the new AC-K doesn’t hold back speed wise from any racing sail, not even our own AC-ONE. There is no reason for [...]

The slalom Black Team Zero18 update

As we are already in the new 2018 season and there are developments on the team front at Point-7, we wanted to keep everyone up to date with what is happening for this year regarding out slalom [...]