Our focus is windsurfing rigs. We don’t follow fashions, but we stick to our passion, because that is what we love, what we do and what we know to do at best. We want our Point-7 windsurfers to feel this when using our products. Not only a product but the whole lifestyle behind the product can only be built in it when you focus 110% on it. The love the product delivers can be felt through the boom thanks to it’s high performance which is a total integration of power and control: the best 2 main ingredients to have a sail to be winning tours, magazine tests, but most important is that is assures to have you being able to be spending a lot of hours on the water with successful performance and fun.
Our 024 range will make anyone fall in love in less then 0.7 seconds. A total new way of developement of each sail line has lead this new collection to outstand anything else out there on the market. Each sail line will be satisfying beyond any expectation of a year to year evolution. Having 16 models for over 130 size of sails.
A year new colour joins the exclusive Point-7 colour scheme materials. The Grey 1037 that will bring an exciting unique look to selected sail models. An updated aggressive look is given to the Salt pro, Spy and Slash. On the water you will be spotted from very far. This last model mentioned has been re-designed not only in the looks, but also to have a much more stable pop and profile through the manoeuvres thanks to a new luff x-ply panel next to the dacron panel. The structural bands place from clew to batten corners will bring a stiffer and more sharp reflex, to end moves as with a stop button.
Lots of work has been done to bring a new generation of AC-X and AC-Z, that we have renamed AC-0 and AC-2. Deriving from the AC-1 sail body, both sails are offering today the widest performing range on the market going from light wind pumping to strong wind overpowered conditions. Freeracing has never offered such high performance in windsurfing!
The F1x and F1e will have a new smaller sail size, respectively 4.9 and 4.4. You asked, we developed!
A new mast range has been launched with new mast technology and materials, always and only exclusively made in Italy. The mast is not only the back bone of our sail, but is also an important part of equipment for our safety and our warranty numbers can’t be found any lower. An quality price ratio which is unbeatable on the market.
Our booms are not having the stylish new look, but the slalom version have a new quick system to place on the outhaul system without having to do and undo knots each time. The wave boom stiffer head has given the extra performance all wave sailors and freestylers were looking for. With a slimmer diameter going from the front of the boom all the way back.
For Windsurfing School centre, check out the new S-Line concept. A new sail range dedicated to those who use the sails everyday non stop to have their clients enjoy their holidays.
Every year it seems impossible to improve products, but when you spend 365 days on the water, with next to you windsurfers and the team, there is always an incredible feedback at one point coming to the hands to be developed. That is our fun, our work!