Let’s talk Windsurfing! You can ride it with a fin or foil, you can style it in different ways, you can ride it, surf it, jump it, slash it, spray it all over the world, on any water surface on the planet, as radical or friendly as you want and there is no beach area which would not allow it. This is a sport that will never get you bored due to the multi disciplines that are there to be discover. To do all this, we have a dedicated sail for all disciplines.

We are windsurfers who stick to windsurfing and run after the needs of our sport evolution. Does not matter if you want to begin or win the World Cup, we have it all. This is our focus, this is what we develop with passion with our Point-7 Black Team, our community, and friends 365 days a year. Does not matter how you windsurf but on our Black sails it will always be a 0.7 session!

Introducing a new color code for 023 to our black range. Green: the new black. Blending with the black transparent windows, the look will be more elegant and aggressive than ever. A powerful design giving all the ego needed to feel the 0.7 souls.

Each sail size is tested by you each year, bringing back amazing feedback that we use as priority when designing the next generation of our blades. We need to personalize them to your needs and have you be the most stylish, fastest, radical community on the water. You are our image, you are Point-7.

We gave you the fastest no cam sails, and this year we want to get you to be the fastest on the foil with a no cam sail. The new F1X will be your new partner for foiling. Taking all the experience from the AC-X, this new model with no cam for slalom foiling, it’s now available in 3 sizes.

New sizes to complete the range also on our Hybrid range from the F1E are new in the ‘023 range. To discover the changes of all our other models, you can jump in each section to find out more.

All sails sizes and models have been modified to be improved. Each day it’s a testing day for us to bring innovation to our products.

Remember to keep up with our event calendar, as Point-7 is not just a product, it’s a lifestyle with a great community of people ready to enjoy the lifestyle of windsurfing.