This is the sail for the youngsters who wants to have the same qualities in their sail as the adults. A proper crossover for going both wave sailing or freestyling. A mix of characteristics deriving from the Salt pro wave and Slash freestyle.

Starting from 369,00 €


Sizes Luff Mast Extention Boom Trim Boom Kg (+-5) Top Battens Clew rdm Extension Alu+ Harness lines Vulcano
2,4 369 280 300 2 120+-2 122 vario 4 1 SKOOL S!CK 32rdm Kids Boom QR yes
3,1 379 300 300 2 132+-2 134 vario 4 1 SKOOL S!CK 32rdm Kids Boom QR yes
3,8 409 328 300 30 142+-2 144 vario 4 1 SKOOL S!CK 32rdm Kids Boom  140 QR yes



A soft rotation profile to have the sail flip to a new tack without having to use too much power, but just with a kid’s weight.

Luff Dacron panel and light profile focusing on the lower part of the sail decreasing on the top of the sail. Executing a balance power to freestyle move or enjoying its comfort while wave riding.

A medium head size to balance the stability of a small sail

Negative upper leach to express a light feel while sailing and maneuvering

Close middle leach to push the central Imcs of the mast making the sail soft and forgiving.

2 Eyelets to trim the boom clew according to rider’s height.

A medium high base cut for testing out the first ducking freestyle maneuvers. Light and compact.

5mil Anti UV- X-ply base panel for protection from accidents.

5mil central transparent monofilm visibility window.

4mil Anti UV X-ply laminate for high reactivity

X-ply alternate batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex

Dacron luff panel for extra drive and profile.