ZERO22. TRUE 0.7

Turning less into more! Less opportunities to travel, less events, less happening for zero22, but this has allowed us to have more time with our local windsurfing friends, to enjoy more our home spots, to go further in details into our future products. The extra time at home allowed us to focus on new projects and gave more time to be with the team to develop further the full product range. Time was great value.

We took the photoshoot at our home spots. Where we live and not where we travel too: the spots where we test, where we fall in love with our sport, where we shred waters every day. We did not care to look for the perfect colours, the sunny day. We woke up in the morning as it would be a normal day and went to the beach testing the pre-production sails. We took the photos even if it was raining or cloudy. In this photoshoot we wanted to share what we do and not only through our products. We even took our friends to be in the photoshoot because it’s the truth of who also has the chance to take part at our development. This is Point-7 this is being part of your windsurfing.

The team was well focused to bring additional performance to the products to make sure they would start explosive in 2022 competitions. They worked to have to have only the amazing in their hands and this was alsoone of the main points which led to the key of success for each of our products in the zero22line.

All our lines are new, all our lines have been updated, proud to present them for zero22!

Andrea Cucchi ’What amazes me is that every year if you spend time with your team, with your clients on the water, and you are able to test the equipment yourself, you will understand that windsurfing has not reached any kind of master-piece product. There is always something new that comes up and that can be improved to increase not only the performance but also the fun on the water. In Point-7 we do not limit any idea nor budget in the R&D, it’s the soul to be 0.7, it’s the motivation to see our clients rolling out new products knowing it will give them even more than their ego will desire. Having spent more time ‘home’ this year gave us the time to put more energy in development and opened up a new structure, that even when these health restrictions will be off, we can still continue our development with this speed’


The F1 is the new approved Foil racing series from Point-7 also for zero22, following the success of the 2021. Still offered in 2 version: The SL 3 sizes for slalom, and the FW 2 sizes for upwind downwind. We cannot count the number of protos, and changes done not only the sails but also on the general rig of this product. There has been a revolution over the product in only few months.

The F1e Hybrid series was a success. The sail range ready to express fun and performance both on a fin and on a foil. This will have the introduction of a 5.9 and 8.3 during the year. The line continues and has therefore expended bringing small changes on the sail to improve their qualities.


THE AC-X and the AC-Z have received a new outline which included a longer boom and a reviewed leach to match the power of the news sails. While before you would feel an amazing acceleration when power was building in the sails, fast speeds, and control, now this will be felt in the same way even in the lighter winds. Planning earlier, added power and drive in the lowest wind, but a boost in stability in strong wind as well.  A wide range never seen before, for these 2 best sellers from Point-7.

The AC-F being our cross-over has the 6.4 this year designed with 6 battens just like our 6.9 and 7.5. Bringing therefore this size to be more free-slalom rather than freeride. The 5.9 and 5.4 geometry had been changed to also adapt better to lighter weights and lower heights of the sailor.

Do we need to talk about the AC-One that has brought many new Point-7 addicted riders on Point-7, by making them break all their GPS records? The 7.1 and 7.8 has a new outline to bring more power and stability. These sail sizes had to go through a new re-styling due to the increased volume of the boards which were demanding more power. Being hybrid sizes, as being used on more different board sizes, the sails needed an extra boost to keep up with the new needs. Talking about boosts, having our AC-Kpro being now an easier AC-One, it gave the AC-One to boost its performance to be a sail ready to be fully focused, no compromise on one target: 0.7. In the 2 bigger size the new batten displacement increases the lift making the board lighter on the water and enhancing the light wind speed and upwind power. The sizes from 6.2 down have received a lower foot to keep the gap closed also in stronger winds.

The AC-One speed version will be the new highlight in the racing line from Point-7.  A total stealth and speed look will make it look very different from the AC-One Slalom.

3 sizes: 5.0, 5.6, 6.2. Deriving from our fast AC-One Slalom version the AC-One speed has been tuned for being the fastest AC-One ever on the straight line. Not to be the fastest on a slalom course, but to be the fastest for your GPS. THE XXXXL lower mast sleeve boosts up the acceleration and stability of a small slalom and of course speed board. Giving lots of control, and the first time you will close the gap and get that gust, be ready to buckle up for the strong forward acceleration. The base has been increased in length and lowered to close the gap also when you will be slightly out of focus. You do not need to worry about it, will be closed automatically. Twan has never been so excited as this!

The AC-K pro has followed the same development of the AC-One, just as always with a smaller sleeve.


Going to the wave and freestyle, the Salt pro wave went through a lot of protos and testing. The leach opening and Dacron are often connected for final performance. According to the sail size these have been re-worked on each size differently to either increase the upwind power on the bigger sizes and over all stiffness, and in the smaller sizes to donate higher control. The lower batten on each size has been lowered starting from 10cm to deliver more stability and drive from the bottom of the sail.

The Spy had a great success on the market. Being the free power wave sail for everyone to enjoy the strongest winds or early wave conditions. This is the only sail we did not touch as to make something even better is not that easy for category.

Both Spy and Salt pro are offered in 2 colours. The Black Version will be more forgiving and softer, thanks to the black XXX 2mil top panel laminate, while the yellow 7548 version will be with X-Ply being more direct.

Freestyle!  Slash! We increased the power of the sail, without losing the winning freestyle characteristics which has brought this sail to success. A slightly longer foot batten is helping to gain this extra power which is needed to stabilize some of the most needing maneuvers.