Welcome to Zero20.

Being the Twenty.Twenty year, we are bringing more excitement, more innovation and blacker for Point-7.
Do you remember the yellow windows on our sails? It’s back by going one step further! We ripped out the coloured prints, we ripped out the transparent windows, and introduced an Anti-UV transparent BLACK window to be unique on the water. Not only style, but a 100% Anti UV-Monofilm to the sail. More aggressive and stealth looking. Protecting your sails even more from the UV-Rays and acting as darkening lenses.

Why say that Yellow brought blacker? For 2020, we are introducinga second dark colour in our brand. We call it the 7548Black. It’s yellow with a black soul, ready to reveal its dark force on the water.

As we are windsurfers, sitting next to you on the beach dreaming and hearing your wishes and comments, we realized how slalom has changed over the years. We are today introducing two new pure Point-7 Black thoroughbreds: the new AC-K PRO and the new AC-Z, plus lots of new details in each of our products.

Nowadays, if you are looking to have a cam sail with high performance, you are forced to go for the same no compromise sail as the pro:a race sail, can be very demanding and taking lots of energy for no reason, unless you are using it on a race course. Other option would be to choose for a 3-cam sail where the performance will be highly reduced by changing outline, batten number, cam number, sleeve size, opening of the leach and many other aspects. Our development was to bring our AC-one sail to keep its pedigree, but with 3 cams and 7 battens, and from this develop the AC-K pro. As all the features of our AC-One were super friendly, the only thing we did was to reduce the mast sleeve size, which would bringpower that only pro sailors would need. The new AC-K pro benefits from the same 3 XXL cams which allow an amazing rotation, 7 battens without having complicated glued or pined parts, same outline, leach opening and stance as the AC-one. A lighter AC-One version, ready to compete at any level, and dedicated for a larger public that were forced before to chose race sails for no reason.

3cam sails, 4 cams sails: wording belonging to the past life of slalom. Now a cam sail it’s either for Racing at pro level, or to race between your friends, and it’s 2 names: AC-ONE, or AC-Kpro.

The AC-Z is what we call a total revolution in slalom. Have you ever dreamed to have a no cam sail with the same performance as a real cam racing sail? Or have you ever dreamed to have a cam sail with the weight of a no cam sail? The AC-Z is both!! It’s not a compromise, it’s an add on.With only 2 lower cams set up as the AC-Kpro and AC-One, as a pure racing sail, a wide pocket under the boom, but over the boom a pure slalomno cam sail! To make sure you really realize what we have created read the points on the product page.

Will the AC-Z put in pension many sail ranges on the market. Yes, it will!

If the AC-One Zero19 was a total revolution with its 3cams and 7 battens, it was still it’s first version of such a new project, and therefore we have worked on each size for zero20, to increase its performance by a good percentage.

With the arrival of Josep Pons, a perfectionist, the Salt pro has gone through lots of details. The Dacron being placed in the right width and positioning, allowing a more precise power for each sails size. A firm base. A new tensioning from the leach to allow better upwind in light wind especially on the bigger sizes. New body stiffness to have each size to have the right reflex according to wind strength.

Spy is the free wave, the bump and jump, the power wave. The sail for everyone for when winds are increasing over 15 knots. It gives that sense of control, power to wave ride or simply bump and jump in any conditions. It will teach you to go in the waves to the next level without effort. The sail is as sexy is it was never. New materials and total rework of it in each corner.

The AC-F being our more cross over sails, have been undergoing deeper profilechanges to re-fine the bigger development which had been done for 2019, bringing this sail to be fun also for light wind foiling. Our AC-X and Spy are what we proved this year to be sails ready to foil as well.

The Slash freestyle sail, is winning the Pwa world tour, has won the EFPT 2019 with Yentel Caers. This was the earlier version, and from there we went even further. New faster profile rotation, more stability due to a tighter leach in the crucial points.

These newest generation of products, combined to our already introduced sales policy, will bring Point-7 to amaze again.