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During one of our P7 Life Lab projects, we have been video collecting the main mistakes in the jibing of who came to our first clinics this year. In this video you will see how Taty is jibing and the mistakes most people do. A good jibe needs to be clean and with less hands and feet movement possible. It must be timed right, and according to the wind strength the sail needs to be adjusted in power as entering the jibe.

There are a lot of steps to make a successful jibe, and here are the main mistakes, that you will see in the video:

  • Not pressing enough with the back foot to rail the board once its out of the strap.
  • Not pulling enough with the front foot to help carve the board when still in the strap.
  • Not closing enough the sail with the back hand when entering the first part of the jibe.
  • Body position too far back
  • Too late in changing the feet to the new tack.
  • Too late in turning the sail.
  • Too many steps of the hands on the boom from one side to the other, and often taking the mast.
  • Not keeping the mast close enough to your body while turning the sail.
  • Not bringing the rig forward after the jibe to keep the board flat and planning and to help grab to boom in the new position with the back hand to gain stability and power to get planning.

You have enough points! Check out the video and enjoy the crashes too… ????

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