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The Point-7 Black Slalom Stage.

It’s not only a stage for those who want to learn high level windsurfing from the top pros in the world, and in this case from the Point-7 Black Team, but our goal is bring our lifestyle of windsurfing into your hearts.

Therefore, we have decided to call this project and to introduce to our yearly schedule:

We want you to improve your windsurfing, but to improve your windsurfing we want you to realize how important it is also to have a correct base of nutrition, physical training, stretching. Taking care of yourself to be more focused and have more energy when practicing sports is super important. If you are fit and healthy, you will have more energy to have more time on the water, recover faster to have the next session with more power, less chance to get hurt and more focus to learn faster new techniques and improve yourself.

It’s all part of our package, it’s experience we have made through our racing life on the world’s best spots, with the best team of professionals in and out of the water, to push our team to win the multiple World Titles that Point-7 has won over the years.

During the stage from 18-19 we gave it a first test run to the project and we were happy of the outcome.

The stage was divided into three sections. Windsurfing, Health through lifestyle habits and Physical condition. For us it was important for our beloved members who joined the stage, that they would see where they would stand in these three areas and understand the work, they would need to do to improve themselves.

During the event we also organized a fun gps contest, which saw our pros against our clients. Let’s say that they had to put some effort to show that they were pro, but a bit of challenge during the stage gave a nice spice up to the event too!

Was the goal achieved? You will here it yourself on the beach once you will meet those who took part!

We would like to thank all the participants who came to the event. Our team of pros of took care to make it a success. Paola Flessati who introduced the functional medicine, Professional Trainer Gianpiero Martini (also father from Bruno Martini). Taty Frans, Basile Jacquin and Andrea Cucchi who took care of the theory and water tuition of pro windsurfing,  Tommy della Frana for Photoshooting, Federico Benamati for Video shooting, Windsquare for the organization in Malcesine.

Be ready for the next one!


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