n our series of great locations around the world, this month we are presenting the Windsurfing Club LAS CUCHARAS. Situated in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote.


Name of the Centre: Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas

Country: Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Spot: Las Cucharas, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Type: SlalomFreeride| Freestyle | wave All…… Beginner, Progressing, Foil, Free-ride, Slalom, Freestyle, Bump and jump, Radical wave.

Standard wind condition: We get it all, just be ready to choose what you are going to do. You can do everything in just 1 day. We are known for wind and waves in July and blasting in August with less waves. Do not let this fool you, we can get your conditions 365 days of the year. You just must be here.

Opening months: 365 days a year

Opening hours: 10.00 am until 18.00 pm

Closest airport: Arrecife, 15 minutes away.

Type of accommodation available in the area: All, from 5* to rbnb. You choose what you want.

Website: www.lanzarotewindsurf.com

FB: Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas


Tell us when the centre first opened and the evolution during these years. The concept first started in 1988, you want the best material and service, come to us. In the early days it was just French but people seeing what we offered wanted it. So, we slowly integrated other nationalities. Now we are multinational and welcome all, adapting the staff to cater for the different languages. Teaching/guiding has always been our driving force and we love to explain our sport and Island to you.

Why would a windsurfing client find your spot unique, and chose Lanzarote against the other Canarian island? How can you state a spot is unique? Hard core waves and wind on the outside with a beach that is great for families and children. Wave sailors can be having fun while free-riders are having the time of their lives and beginners are finding out what a wonderful sport this is. Is this unique?

How many days of holidays would be perfect to enjoy the area? A lifetime, the island is such a beautiful place. This is why July and august we are nearly full at the end of these months. They book their holidays for the next year the day they leave. They just confirm there dates as soon as they can, stating the board they would like to book. The island is great for short breaks, grab a cheap flight and come for a long weekend. Or stay a month and discover the island and all the varying conditions we get.

How would a windsurfing client spend a typical day for a windsurfing at your spot. From when he wakes up till, he goes to sleep? (Include activities such as other sports, meals, night life, relaxing time.) What type of client are you? Live, eat, sleep windsurfing:- The bar next door opens at 8am, so you can be having breakfast studying the conditions. The wind tends to be lighter in the mornings, slalom training can be first up on our ACX sails. Changing to our Free Wave or Freestyle boards to wait for the waves to be perfect. When the tide is perfect and the wind has filled in, you change to the hard-core wave boards. You can always change your material at our club, we have a large selection. We have a buzzing windsurf community, so your evenings are already catered for.

Family:– Spend the morning playing with the kids, with the skim boards, boogey boards, special 1m sails and get them confident in playing in the water. Either back to the hotel for lunch (they are all close) or in the many seafront restaurants. Don’t forget the bar next door, Pocoloco. Then sail all afternoon on your pre-booked board that has been waiting for you.

Multi Activity:– This island is made for it, it is small and very easy to get around.

The cycling is amazing, both on and off road. The varied scenery and beautiful small villages are always keeping your eyes and mind peaceful.

You love waves, the many surf spots cater for all levels. Next to the club we have Volcano Surf who will take you to the perfect beach for your level. People from all over the world will fly in on a forecast to experience breaks that only work on specific conditions.

The walks are breath taking and very well documented. On the other side of the club we have Olita trek, they have over 30 years of experience. The history of the island is fascinating.

Diving:– Lanzarote is a volcanic island, so you are diving in volcanic formations. It is amazing how sea life has colonised the areas.

The tourist resorts are very well planned and restricted, only covering a very small percentage of the island. Within minutes you are out and into the true Lanzarote. Hiring a car is a must, at least for a couple of days. There is so much to explore. You will find your favourite village and small restaurant to enjoy the end of your day.

Costa Teguise has been hosting PWA events and the freestyle EFTP. Last year the spot was chosen by many PWA pros, including the Black Team for their winter Slalom Pro training.

Exactly this month, the training is on for the second year in a row. How did this come up? Lanzarote and Costa Teguise have a large variety of conditions. We may not be the windiest place on the canaries, but we have the most days of usable wind in the canaries. When you add the discipline of foiling, it can be every day.

The team at Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas has many years of experience, we have all competed and have been teaching for over 30 years. Our passion is water sports and we follow the development closely. The level of competition now is very high, training is a must and tuning the material is key. You need people to sail against to do this. Slalom Pro training was born.

Having competed and staged many PWA and EFPT events here, we know what it takes to win. Las Cucharas being one of the hardest places to win but at the same time being the most fun.

Fun being the key word. So, it must be the best place to train.

The infrastructure of Costa Teguise and Lanzarote makes it simple to hold training camps and events. Not always easy but our passion for the sport takes care of that.

We are ready, looking forward to seeing you on and off the water. Let the training and tuning begin, we have a competition to win.