The Point-7 Black Showroom is situated in Italy at the Point-7 HQ, 2.5km from Torbole, Lake Garda.

From this year, it will be opened to public to give the following exclusive services:

  • Discovering the full range of products from Point-7- All products are available to be versioned.


  • Trim and Tune your Point-7 Gear- Come with your Point-7 own gear, and we will be happy to rig it right and help you fine tune it.


  • Advices from our experts on your next windsurfing equipment- Do bother us with any question on which gear will be more ideal for your needs. We will be happy to give the right choice to have you enjoy the best time on the water.


  • Replacements and spare parts. We have all spare parts available, and we will be happy to replace it for your and get your gear to be 100% efficient again.

Don’t miss out our party and open day on the 11th of MAY 2019.
Presentation from the new AC-Z and much more.

Point-7 Showroom:
Via sabbioni 15i
38062 Arco (TN)
Ph +390464520887
Opening days: Monday- Friday
Opening hours: 16:00 – 18:00


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