Full contact windsurfing is how our PWA riders wants their seat harness.
Designed using a minimal structure with no padding to keep the direct feeling of the sail, giving the comfort needed to achieve great average and top end-speeds with full control!

The harness can be adjusted to the millimetre ensuring the optimal fit, comfort and output from your entire rig.
Thanks to the double webbing on the sides the height of the hook can be changed. The hook can be put at a higher place on the body for strong wind, and lowered for light wind to achieve extra power.

The leg straps can also be widen or tighten according to water conditions. They can be tighten hard to have a more seated stance in light wind, or losening them up in wavy conditions, will allow the legs to be more free to follow the water surface.

The hook padded hook, as now a quick release system that will allow to wear the harness more comfortably. It can be opened with one hand in case of emergency.

S 48 76 – 83 30 – 32
M 50 81 – 88 32 – 34
L 52 86 – 93 34 – 36
XL 54 91 – 98 36 – 38
XXL 56 96 – 103 38 – 40