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Jacopo Testa, as this been your best PWA result? Yessssss

Last year you had won your heat and the day later it was cancelled. This was to enter the semi-final. This year for 0.1 point you did not get the world title, but at first the points gave you as winner, and later they were changed. What has happened? Yes, last year I won a heat with a far advantage, they said I advance and after 10 minutes the heat got cancelled. I made a protest but nobody listened or did something in my favor. This time in Sylt, after a review of the points at the end of the heat, the judges decided to calibrate better the scores of my moves. At the end of the heat, the judges had a overall look to all the moves, the points and decided to lower down the scores of some moves. So twice I finished the heat in advantage, but later I was put less points.

How does it feel to Vice World Champion after all this changing of scores after the final? I’m happy for this big achievement, it has been a long journey and is not finished. Of course I would preferred to loose straight and not with a recalculation of the points.

Before the event you had to cancel the photoshoot with Point-7 as you twisted your knee. You had to wear a knee brace to support the injury during the competition. Was that limiting? The medial collateral of the right knee got stretched quite a bit cause I lost the back foot from the strap during a move. I rested 25 days and decided to compete with a painkiller, I’m already able to run pain free but when I do the wrong movement I see the stars and feels burning. The brace it’s not limiting the good movement; it was a bit hard trying to avoid  the extreme twisting. The most limiting thing was the mind, cause I had to discover move by move which one I was able to do without pain.

People were saying that Jacopo is technical in light winds, but PWA Sylt was wavy and strong the wind and obviously you proved yourself also in those difficult conditions. What does Jacopo like in reality? I love steeps ramp, big chops with 30/40 knots where I can do big backloop, double loop, floaty shakas, air kabis…

You are wave sailing a lot also. Did you ever compete in waves? Yes, during the winter in Sardinia I do often. I can’t wait to sail place like Mini  Capo and Chia!  I did a few events a couple of years ago in Pozo and El Medano. This year I asked for a place but I never got a spot, hoping to get the chance the next year to do a few events.

You are riding Point-7 Slash? Give us what you like about your gear, and after this Vice world champion title what you would like to change in them, that hasn’t been done yet?  During the single elimination I rode the 4.0 and the 93 l, in the double the 5.2 with the 102 l. The equipment I’m using it’s fantastic, there is nothing to change but we will do some experiments to find what to improve. At the moment I can’t wait to get my hands on the new green slash.

You have won this year also the Freestyle Pro Tour Thanks to the FPT crew we managed to have a great tour this year, and super happy to have won this. 2 fantastic results in both tours. Could not be happier!



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