Excess baggage travels

Our Black Team travel the world with huge heavy windsurfing bags on monthly bases, if not weekly. They turn up to the check in of the airports with over 150kg of weight. It’s a nightmare if they [...]

Ancor Sosia Asensio

We have seen him on his S!CK and we were amazed on his talent. It’s Ancor! 10years old and living the windsurfing lifestyle we all dream of! His parents are running the Windsurfing Centre in [...]

Developing the SPY

If you’re looking for power, but power which can plane in the lightest conditions and at the same time challenge even the toughest situations, this is the sail for you. Onshore, blasting on bump [...]

The first PWA experience

Ever wondered how it would be starting in your first ever PWA World Cup event? We asked our riders which experiences they went through taking part in their first ever PWA event and all that goes [...]

Board volume & sail size

There are board volumes every 5 -10 litres in slalom boards. Which are then used on different type of slalom or slalom\freeride sails, such as the AC-F, AC-X and AC-K? We have prepared some extra [...]

Lena´s Morocco experience

After a welcomed first editions of PWA womens wave event in Morocco, we caught up with Lena to hear about her experience and how it was for her competing for the first time ever in these type of [...]

The Wave Hobbit

It’s Russell Groves, but we know him also as ‘the wave hobbit’ from his website and signature! He has sun wrinkles from lots of years of experience on salty water, we met him when he already had [...]


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