Taking notes

It’s true to think that to become a good windsurfer you need to practice a lot, and true that some people might have more talent than others, but to us, all of this is not important. Our [...]

Point-7 test day

That time of year has come! On 25th of April we will be seeing you for an exclusive Point-7 range test day. We´ll be testing sails, booms, masts and prototypes including new versions of our [...]

Developing the AC-F

This is for everyone who want to have fun on the water!  Isn’t this why we windsurf? Fun, Freedom, Friends. A lot of important F to describe the AC-F at best! There are many freeride sails on the [...]

Chosing the right sail

As you take in your hand a sail catalogue, you will find 10 different sail models next to each other. Each sail will have a different name, descriptions to make us dream, sizes and numbers that [...]

Marco Vinante interviewed

Did you know our freestyle team rider Marco Vinante who has combined his dreams of staying on the water with the world of modeling? Check out his story right here below with this interview we did [...]

Destination Cyprus

In our series of great locations around the world, this month we are presenting the WINDYMILE  EXTREME SPORTS MAKWIND CLUB. Situated in Cyprus,  a small island with a long history and a rich [...]


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