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Both Danes from the same town, friends, on the Point-7 Black Team have brought the AC-1 to win the top two spots of the podium from the IFCA Slalom Youth European Championships which took place in Calasetta, Sardinia. Ten eliminations in amazing winds and nice waves.

Johan Soe winning the event with all first places counting and Noah Vinther in second after a slower start to than jump on to second.

Other impressive results come from other three members from the Black Team. Hippolyte Jacquin, brother of Basile, who has finished in fifth place. Newcomer Frank Ervin from Estonia and Steve Marley Alsouna from France who finished 7th and 9th respectively.

Johan Soe’

I missed the “perfect competition” as I won all races except one. I am still very satisfied with the week. My gear was absolutely flying the whole week and all the sails felt good in both low and high end. The main size I used for the competition was AC-1 8.6 but I was also using the 9.2 and even the 7.1! But besides my great gear and good speed, I was both starting and jibing well over the week and very consistently. So happy to be part of Point-7 for such easy and fast sails. In Calasetta and were almost able to race every day during the week. I really liked the conditions. They were a bit like those we have at my home spot with a lot of big chops – like the water is boiling. The significant difference between my home spot in Denmark and Calasetta is the temperature – windsurfing in board shorts is just fantastic. During the week we had a few exceptionally light wind races and strong wind races with winds up to thirty knots. It was super cool that we had so much variety in the conditions, and we got to put all the equipment to the test. The next event for me will be the One Hour Classic which I’m looking very much forward to. It was a magnificent event last year and I think it will be even greater this year. After the One Hour I will go to Croatia for the PWA event, but first I have a few tests coming up in school…. Looking forward to getting back to competition mode!

Noah Vinther ‘I did not have the best result in my first elimination. I chose to go out with a 7.1 and medium board which was too small for the conditions at that time especially in the jibes, but on the straights, I knew that my speed was good enough to keep me in the top five. So, from there my focus was on making good starts and good jibes and it seems to work and I managed to go up to second place. The conditions in Calasetta were better and rougher than I could have imagined. Ten eliminations in all kinds of wind, so the spot is 100% approved. It’s just a bit of a trouble to get there and you must take the ferry or a plane, but once you arrive it is worth it. I mostly train with Johan in Denmark as we live in the same town and now again with him, we will go at the ONE HOUR CLASSIC on garda.’

Andrea Cucchi’ I was so happy to follow the team in this important event. IFCA is doing an excellent job to keep youth and junior racing going with the Worlds and Europeans. The next event for the same categories will be the Worlds in Alacati in the mid of August. I was hoping to be as well in Sardinia to compete in the masters, but due to injury I could only support the team. I’ll be at the event in Turkey, and I’m super happy to see five of the team in top ten! Congratulation to all the youth!’

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