About the sail

A powerful masterpiece and a symbol of control.
Using a rich forward positioned profile mixed with good skin tension the SPY is a powerful yet extremely controllable sail which ensures you stay on top of things in the widest variety of conditions. The new five batten wave sail, a complete new challenge is now on. Undoubtedly the right choice for many and most,
Remember power is nothing without control!

What’s new

Onshore riding, the Spy has a surplus of drive, to get you right up to the lip at high speed and the drive to get you out of any danger zone before getting eaten by the wave. It will give you the choice to go for aerials or a powerful cutback without losing speed. Due to its profile and rotation, it releases a lot of speed and with a rich profile stability is ensured throughout, allowing for higher jumps with tons of control. The wide wind range of the Spy, also makes it the perfect companion for high wind for bump and jumping.

Key Points

  • Power wave sail
  • Lots of constant drive
  • Deep profile and rotation
  • 5 batten layout
  • Great for onshore conditions
  • Perfect for heavier sailors
  • Large wind range
  • Big drive in the bottom turn
  • Ideal for bump & jump
  • Full Xply monofilm

Martin Ten Hoeve

It has power. If I say it, that I’m over 200 and 90KG, trust me. The comfort of the sail in rough conditions is amazing. I never get stuck or out of planning. The speed brings me very high in the air. I enjoy it a lot in bumpy conditions, onshore, especially in the North Sea. I believe it’s a true masterpiece and no one could say anything about this.


SizeMastLuff (+-2cm)ExtensionBoom (+-2cm)Vario TopBattentsWeight (kg)

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