About the sail

Take all the goodies from a full on competition slalom sail, put them into a manageable package and you’ve got the AC-K. Featuring a medium sizes luff pocket, a sweet smooth rotating 3-cam set-up combined with a lot of low-end power to get planning nice and early. The AC-K is a high-speed powerhouse, that is easy to handle, and sits ridicules light in your hand, keeps the board at a steady hover above the water to give you the best possible control and speed out of your kit.

What’s new

Check out the graphics and you will realize where the R&D came from. Exactly! From the AC-1 race sail line. Featuring some new development steps which will also be found on the 2015 version of the AC-1. We started the development by comparing the differences between the AC-K and AC-1, and decided to reduce the differences and get the sails even closer to each other in terms of performance. We’ve worked on each detail starting from the new outline and new leech twist which now allows for the sail to open and release wind as a pure racing sail. What we kept was the mid sized more manageable luff pocket and a 3 cam set-up. The wind range, stability and smoothness of the sail is nothing but spectacular. The negative leech reduces drag at higher speeds and also gives a reduction of backhand pressure also higher winds. The top of the sail was equipped with a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind ad in the boom area more S-shaping was implemented over to the boom to improve overall acceleration in the sail. New Xply batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. New batten tensioners for a cleaner exit.

Key Points

  • Power, combined with acceleration
  • Medium sized mast sleeve
  • 3 cam set-up
  • High speed and comfort in half wind
  • Easy to use
  • For national racing and being the fastest on the local spot
  • Full anti uv-monofilm

Andrea Cucchi

We raced this sail on the real course very often during our slalom training in Tenerife. The biggest satisfaction was on Lake Garda one day. I was testing the AC-K with my local group of riders who are AC-K fans and the new one was just killing the old version. I was sure that I could have been competitive even against our champ Menegatti. That same day Alberto, who was rigging his AC-1 racing sail to go out training, was actually waiting for me to finish the AC-K testing session to assist him in his training. I asked him if it was ok if I did few runs with him on the AC-K as I had the feeling I could keep up the speed of any racing sail with the AC-K 5G. He rather laughed. Once on the water his smile was not there anymore. I did not have to go back to the beach to rig my AC-1 to be competitive against his speed. I gave him trouble to his confidence, actually the AC-K 5G did! We really pushed the development of this sail and have left no gap or the competition to try and overtake.. Enjoy being kings out there!


SizeMastLuff (±2cm)ExtensionBoom (±2cm)CamsBattensWeight (kg)

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