• What happens if i use the extension at the maximum length? Is it not dangerous?

We have engineered our extension to be used also on the maximum length.Our mast will also hold without problems our extension used on max settings. If you are using different brands components, we will not be responsible.

  • What happens if I use the extension at the minimum length?

The extension will fit, and it will not alter the curve of the sail to feel any difference, being at the very base and influencing less the mast curve. You will just add a bit of weight instead of using a shorter extension.

  • Do Aluminum extension oxidize?

Rinse them after use by taking them out also from the mast, and they will not. Taking care of your gear, will treat you better too.

  • Can I fit the top of a 430 to the base of a 460? a K100 with a K60? If it breaks is the warranty valid?

Between the carbon % the mast are compatible. Also, a 430 to a 460, as the rdm 340 to a 370 and 370 to a 400. There should be no breakages even if used mixed. Breakages would occur from accidents on the water which are not from normal use.

  • Do the K100, K80, K60 have the same curves?

Yes, they do. It’s more important to have the correct curve, rather than a higher carbon percentage mast with the wrong curve for the sail.

  • Which curve does the mast have?

The curves are printed on the mast itself. Each mast size has a different curve. The shorter masts having softer bases and stiffer tops to allow more comfort and stability in strong winds, while the longer masts are more hard bases and softer tops to allow more breathing of the sails and power in light wind. We could call it a progressive curve: the mast is designed to have a curve which can express the best performance according to the wind and water condition it will be used in. The number, which starts with the 6? is the base curve, the central number below is the imcs, the lowest number starting with a 7? is the curve of the top. You can read more by CLICKING HERE »

  • Where are the mast made?

All the masts are made in Italy! Best Quality, Technology, and material on the market. We care for your safety and to offer the best performance to fit our sails.

  • What is the difference between Blackprime, Blackcore, Blackride and the new K-line?

The new K line has been built by using new machineries belonging from the latest technology. Therefore, the new K line has a cleaner finish in its production. The SDM have extra reflex on the top of the mast. The rdm have an inverted ferrule to give a safer product during crashes and landings.Both models are compatible with the new and older model sails.

  • Can I leave my sail rigged?

You can, but the mast will bend if left lots of days in the sail rigged. This bending is normal, and will not alter the performance. The mast will slowly with time go back straight and will not break. For long life of the mast, it is recommended to de-rig the sail when not in use. Alternatively, to take out completely the downhaul so that the mast stays in the sail at a perfect straight position.

  • What are the main differences in feeling between the higher or lower carbon % masts?

The masts are all developed with the same technology, using the same carbon, and materials. Therefore, the difference of the carbon quantity is the only difference. Therefore, the weight of the three masts, in the same length, does not show much difference. The difference between the masts on the water is the speed of the reflex. The higher the carbon percentage, the faster the mast response in the gust and over the chop. Therefore, the feeling of the rig, will be lighter on the higher percentage mast, even if the lower percentage carbon mast from Point-7, are offering high performance and will satisfy the needs.

  • How long is the warranty for the mast?

The mast warranty is for 6 months, if it will not be registered on our site. So please do register, so that the warranty will be 2 years for the C80 and C60, 1 year for the C100.

  • Why does the top not fit the base sometimes?

There might be dirt or sand on the ferrule. Rinse before forcing to be inserted. Sometimes you will not see the dirt which covers the ferrule due to thin earth particles that are not visible.

  • Do I need to store the mast in the given bag?

Yes, it protects it during transport, which is one of the main causes, which could damage your mast. Insert the mast in the bag, only when it’s dry from rinsing and clean from sand.

  • Can I use my Point-7 mast on any other sail brand?

You can, and according to how close the mast curves are similar, the efficiency of the rig will be varying.As our masts are made in Italy with the latest technology available and with a progressive curve design, do not wonder if a Point-7 mast will actually feel better than any no name masts, or at least as good as the original mast.

  • Why do mast break?

Mast break from two main causes. The first being a defective product due to imperfection in the manufacturing or material. A high-level carbon mast is a handcrafted, almost a custom product. The second being from improper use. If the mast breaks from being defective, due to point one, it will break in less than five times on the water, and often just by rigging the sail the first time. If this does not happen, than the breakage is normally caused by improper use, otherwise it would have been broken before. This improper use maybe from not inserting the cams correctly, tightening too much the boom head, catapults, dropping the mast on the ground, too many hours of sun in really hot days with no wind, crashes, shorebreakes, sand banks. If the top part of the mast breaks in the area from the ferrule, it is often from not inserting the base properly to the top. If the top breaks at the tip, it is probably from the top getting stuck into reefs or sand banks, even in smaller waves. It is possible that a mast does not break the day it suffers an accident, but the next session you will rig it, it could break, as the crashed area might be put under stress, from different direction than the previous time rigged.

  • Which Point-7 mast fits which Point-7 sail? All sails are developed on Point-7 masts?
  1. AC-1 and AC-K can be used on K80 and K100, and only SDM masts from 7.1 to 9.2. From 6.2 down to the smallest size only RDM K97 or K87.
  2. AC-X and AC-Z can be used on K80, K100 masts. AC-X can fit both sdm and rdm masts from 6.5 up, even if the ideal would be the SDM. The 5.2 and 5.8 AC-X only rig on the rdm masts. The AC-Z rigs on the SDM in all sizes from 6.4 up except the 5.8 and 5.2, which uses the rdm400.
  3. AC-F can use both SDM and RDM mast in all carbon percentage.
  4. All wave sails and freestyle sail fit only the RDM mast. Most pro’s use the K87 carbon masts, while the freestylers also the K97%.
  5. F1 sails use on SDM K100 mast
  6. F1e uses the K100 or K80 in 7.6, and K97 or K87 in the 5.4.


  • What happens if I use an RDM mast on a sail with no cams where it is advised a SDM mast?

It will still work as it will fit, but it will leave more material of the mast sleeve free. This will make the sail a bit less stable in the gust but will still work. Regarding performance we always advice to use RDM max size 430, but not bigger, unless you are looking to use a 460 or 490 RDM that you already have part of your gear.

  • Can I use RDM masts on cam sails where it is advised to use SDM masts?

No. You would need to use 2cm spacers on the front of the batten and therefore would not work.

  • Which sails can be rigged on rdm mast?

All Point-7 no cam sails can be used on rdm masts. Over 430 mast we advise SDM mast. AC-1, AC-Kpro, AC-Z, AC-X, AC-F use only rdm masts under 6.3 sizes.

  • What to do when the mast gets stuck between the 2 parts?

There is no other reason why the top of the mast gets stuck in the base. It’s dirt in between. Always make sure the top of the mast and the ferrule are fully clean. The top needs to be washed all the way inside as the wind could blow dirt and send all the way up. It could feel clean, but as you sail, the dirt will fall from the top, and fall in between the two and ferrule. This will than get the 2 parts stuck together. What not to do when the mast gets stuck: When trying to open the mast with too many people, they don’t pull it out straight but the rotation applied to open it, makes the ferrule rotate at a different angle to the top of the mast. This creates even more dirt (liquid, sea water with dirt and carbon which gets grinded off), and the friction makes the mast not get hot, but boil. You are not even able to touch it as it burns! This is how they even get more stuck as when it’s starts boiling hot the material react and the ferrule gets wider.

1 – Shake the mast hard so that the dirt gets broken in the ferrule in smaller pieces. This is done by holding in 2 people the 2 ends of the mast. Rotate the mast 90°left 90 degrees right. The mast will open a bit, it’s important that the rotation is done by pulling straight and not only rotating, and when rotating trying to keep the 2 parts on a straight line. At one point the mast from opening, will get stuck again. No need to rotate it anymore with extra power. It will get hot and get damaged.

2 – So once is stuck a second time, it needs to be shaken again, and automatically the top and bottom will reach a straight position between the 2 parts, so you can start repeating point 1. And this needs to be done till the mast is not out. Every time it gets stuck let it rest, otherwise it can get too hot even like this, so it’s than impossible to open it. DON’T GET IT HOT. COOL IT DOWN EACH TIME IN THE WATER

3 – If just power is applied, without the shaking, without pulling it and rotating it in a straight position, by letting it get hot, it gets even worse stuck.

4 – Remember that if it was stuck, it was only because the mast was not clean in the inside. No other reason.

  • Why is my mast bent after sailing?

One of the Point 7 success ‘s reason is the unique geometry of the sections and the NEW exclusive INSERTE CYLINDRICAL FERRULE TECHNOLOGY. Obviously, the mast is conical. Bottom and top sections are produced separately, with different mandrels and different layups. Point 7 masts’ sections are conical, but with a CYLINDRICAL portion in the connection area. That’s the key point. We insert in this area a super light and strong T900 fibers exclusive FERRULE, perfectly in contact with the inner diameter of the mast. The T900 ferrule is strongly glued inside the bottom section, but it can and must move and bend inside the mast, naturally following the mast’s bend curve, without any flat section. The exclusive T900 ultra-light fibers ferrule improves the reflex of the mast of more than 20%, permits to spread the loading forces along the entire mast length, makes the sections interchangeable, and gives to the rider a unique feeling of extra power under control. When derigged, the mast may looks slightly bent, but in reality, it’s the T900 ferrule that has been compressed toward the inner mast’s wall during the riding. But no panic, the mast will work perfectly when rigged again. Most of the successful “new school sails brand” are joining this exclusive technology, race proven with several positive feedbacks from top riders.

  • Why are there so many numbers on the masts?

460 = length
100 = carbon content
63.5 = mast base % curve
25 = imcs Central stiffness.
75.5 = mast top % curve

    • Why is the top panel on the yellow SPY/SALTpro made of X-ply and the black version in 2mil X-ply?

    The 2mil Xply, against the normal Xply, is a softer material. It’s more forgiving in landings and cruising.The normal Xply is more direct and reactive. This way is not only a matter of choosing the colour but also to choose a style. More direct or smoother.

    • How does the black monofilm react to the sun?

    The Black metalized monofilm , produced in the US, completely blocks the suns UV-Rays. The damaging effect of the UV, which normally burns transparent monofilm, is thus eliminated. The added metalized particles help to reflect heat from the sun and added thickness of the material guarantees durability. The overall look of the sails will therefore not change with time and usage.

    • Why is the central window grey transparent in some sail models?

    After 252-hour sun exposure, the UV resistant window material fades only 10%. Another innovative progress made by Point-7 in the spirit of delivering the best quality products by supplying sails that will stay new with time.

    • Why do some sails use a short mast and longer extension?

    The sail will feel lighter in handling. The softer mast will better absorb chop and waves for more control in stronger winds. In light wind, the rig will feel lighter to pump to get on plane.

    • Can a Point-7 sail rig on a non Point-7 mast?

    Yes, for certain. All masts fit Point-7 sails. A 100% efficiency is obtained by using Point-7 masts. Our masts are made in Italy and due to quality, reflex and technology could feel better in other brand sail against no name masts.

    Which side should I rig my sail?

    Sails are printed on both sides. Battens are alternate for performance reasons. There is no right or wrong side. The sail is perfectly symmetric, your choice. Sails are rolled from port tack side as it makes it normally easier to insert the mast.

    • Do I need to rinse my sail after sailing?

     Rinsing the sail from salt and sand will help the product to last longer.

    • Can I leave my sail in the sun?

    Yes sure. 100% of the monofilm is UV resistant. Though, keeping the sail out of the sun when not in use, does help the sail and mast in staying new with time.

    • Can a Point-7 sail be fixed?

    Every single individual sail piece can be replaced to make the sail be back like at the origin. No printing is used on the monofilm. We offer at our headquarters repair service.

    • Can I use other battens in case I break them in the shore break?

    Standard battens can be used to replace any broken ones. In case you won’t find them, we have them available also directly on our shop online.

    • Why when I insert the mast into the sail, the pin does not always fit automatically?

    We are working on a new top pin which will insert automatic. For the moment it’s always better to check once you have inserted the mast, to see if the mast is inserted properly in the pin before down hauling. We prefer to use the pin method as it is safer on the water, and it allows the top part of the sail to rotate smoothly from one side to the other during the change of tack. Normally the first time is a bit harder, but then it is almost automatic.

    • Where can I find a list of your dealers or can I buy online?

    You can find it at this link: https://point-7.com/dealer/?v=cd32106bcb6d or you can shop directly online by paying with credit card or PayPal.

    • How to get personal technical assistance?

    If you need any technical advice, our operators will be happy to support you in solving all your doubts to help you choose the right gear for your windsurfing needs. If you are having problems with rigging or tuning, and our videos and rigging guides are not enough, don’t hesitate to ask us directly at our contacts: [email protected]

    • How do i register the product after purchase for warranty?

    If you have purchased the product online, you will be in our system, and we can check for you the invoicing. If you have purchased via a shop, you will need to keep your receipt as prove of purchase, and refer to your dealer to activate the warranty procedures: https://point-7.com/payment/?v=cd32106bcb6d

    • You can’t find the product in your local store?

    Send us a mail at [email protected] and will help your dealer to deliver you the product.

    • Why is the website only in English?

    Nowadays there are a lot of translating online programs, or automatic translations. We do not want to accept languages we would not be able to translate the site in, therefore we dedicate our time more in developing our products for your fun, and to give as many information possible on our site… … in English.

    • You want us to improve?

    Send us a mail and we will take as gold any feedback!

    • Warranty issues?

    We are happy to help out in no time. Refer at all times to the contact from where you have purchased the gear. Remember to register your mast and sail after purchase to extend your warranty and to keep the invoice, in case of claims. For further assistance you can contact us at [email protected]

    • If you are missing a part, or you break something, what can I do?

    Spare parts are always available at the Point-7 headquarters so you can either contact us at our mail [email protected] or by contacting your local dealer to supply you with the parts needed. You can find them also online in this LINK.



  • Is the impact vest an approved and regular life-saving jacket?

It’s an impact vest. It will help to stay floating but is not registered as a flotation device.

  • Is the length of your harness lines expressed in inches or cm?

They are expressed in Inches, but we have prepared a drawing on the harness lines product page, where we simulated the harness attached to the boom, so you can have the real measurements as on your boom. This way it’s easy to know which sizes you need.

  • Which boom sizes do not have the handle with the included rdm adapter?

Carbon 140, 150, 170. Alu+ 140, 160, 180.