Windfestival Report

From the 4th to the 6th October, Point-7 was at the Windfestival on the Ligurian coast in Diano Marina. Presenting the new 2K14 products. Not the best weather for a windy weekend, but hot sunny weather created a great atmosphere and fun to the event anyway. 

A lot of people came by the event to check out all the new toys. Point-7 presented the wave line Swag, Salt and Sado, plus the newest in the range, the freestyle Slash. The 4th generation of the AC-K and AC-X were also putting themseves at the centre of the show. 

The event was a great opportunity for seeing that the new fluo graphics were appreciated on the wave sails.

The HF, Sweet, S!ck and Skool freeride sails have been selected and ordered by many windsurfing schools for the next season. 

The real spot light was specially on the sail wich had ITA-4 on it. The used AC-1racing black monster, that Menegatti, PWA VICE WORLD CHAMPION used to win the slalom final in Korea. The 2K14 AC-1 will be available from Dicember 2013. 

3 full days of great show,  new equipment for the spectators to see and touch, but also 3 days of suspense for the Point-7 team, as Alberto was racing to make sure he would get on the most envied podium of the world.

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