Top 10 for Bora at the PWA in Alacti! 

Few questions to Bora Kozanoglu, the local hero from Alacati who enters the top 10 ranking event at the PWA.

Was this your first PWA event this year?
Hell yeahh !!

Which other international event did you take part in?
I did the Eurocup tour this year but next year i plan to do both Pwa and Euro cup

What do you think the level difference is between a PWA event and another event?
Now the level of slalom is much higher than in the last year, with the new equipment going very fast and most racers are now well tuned up both in training racing on course, and tuning part. So I don’t see a much difference as long as it’s an international slalom event.


Have you seen the video from Maciek about the no rule racing? What do you think about the no rules difference to having them?
Yeah I saw it. I think this no rule it’s both good and bad. It’s good beacuse it’s very exciting and you don’t lose time with protests and hearings . It’s bad when someone does hits you, crash you, or nails your head in starts. I think something  in the middle would be best  especialy some rules for the starts.

Which you like better?
I like both..because both have different tactics to race for..

You are born in Alacati, and this was the advantage with brought you to top 10?
Sure it has some advantage but for world class athletes i don’t think that matters a lot because it’s been many years all athlete are coming over here and they also know the place well..


Which sails size did you use in the event? Which sail do you normally use on this spot?
I use my 8.6 all the time.. I planed to use my 9.3 too but the winds were too gusty so I stayed with 8.6.. but my 7.9 was also ready waiting on the beach..because.most of the time wind gets strong here afternoon and you get down on your 7.9. Board I had a 114. I think this is the best board for Alacati.

There was no live streaming during this PWA event. Any comments? Next event from the PWA Slalom will be Sylt. Will you take part at that event, or do you have different plans?
Last year I was sick couldn’t race and watch the event in the bed all the time..this year I’m racing and having a top 10 result and can’t even find one footage..that sucks man! Yes I will go to sylt.

Top 10 at first shot?
How about doing the whole PWA tour next year? If my sponsor Morhipo keeps supporting me and if I can also get some support from surf brands I would love to do it for the following 5 years.


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