Rick Findlow – UK Dealer

Introducing our UK distributor Rick Findlow. A very talented and passionate windsurfer himself, Rick has developed his windsurf business into one of the very best in the UK. With his team from ZERO GRAVITY distribution, Rick travels the UK every summer to do test days and present Point-7 on the English windsurf hot spots. According to the forecast, he takes last minutes flight to El Medano to get some warm session during the winter…and why not…checking out what the Black Team is on to.


Hi Rick you are the current Point-7 distributor in UK and we would like to take this opportunity to let our clients get to know a little more about you and what they should expect from your service.

Tell us your own windsurfing career? Did you participate in any competitions or are you more towards the pure spirit of our sport? I have been windsurfing for 26years, competing in Racing Slalom, Wave and Speed events but mainly freesailing now – there’s nothing better than a good day wave sailing.

How has your windsurfing passion for you developed after many years in the sport? Do you still get to windsurf a lot? My passion for windsurfing hasn’t declined. I still check the forecast every day looking for the next memorable day.

Which are you favourite spots in your own country and abroad? My UK favourites are Rhosneigr for Southerly’s and Filey for Northerly’s . Abroad Maui is still the pinnacle for me but i have enjoyed some awesome days in Baja, Mauritius and Ireland.

When did you first get in contact with Point-7 and what triggered you to start importing the brand? In 2010 i was drawn by the style and presence of the sails. Then factoring the performance and price Point-7 is a compelling product

Where can people buy Point-7 in ‘country’. Is it through the shops or also online? Either way, online is available or we have a network of retail shops for people wanting to support their local dealer.

What level of service can clients expect when they contact you to gain information about Point-7 products? We have a wealth of experience and knowledge which enables us to offer unbeatable customer service “advice from experience”.

If a client asks you to try Point-7, how are you organized for this? We have a full fleet of demo sails for clients to try, they can be collected or we offer a next day delivery service for customers wanting to try the sails in their familiar environment.

The international Point-7 Black Team is growing, how is it looking with your national Point-7 team, and what is your motivation to support the competitive side of our sport? There’s nothing like competition to hone and improve a product performance. Point-7 has evolved around the competition arena and we will always support that. The Black team takes this to a new level and should facilitate even faster development of both the gear and the competitor.

Are you planning any test and demo days or participation at any of the national windsurfing events? We hold demo days at various locations throughout the year. Dates can be found on the website or on the ZeroGravity facebook page, also we always have a display and demo kit at the UK’s biggest windsurfing event the National Windsurfing Feastival.

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