PWA SLALOM in Hvide Sande: Two more days to go!

It’s always interesting to jump into a new spot for such an important event as the PWA. New conditions for the riders, and everything new for everyone to explore.

The spot has given the riders 2 days out of 4 to race. The wind has been from 2 opposite directions where they could use sails between 8.6 to 9.2. It’s a fun place to slalom sail, and very friendly as the water is shallow and it’s not in open sea. This might be the reason why there are a lot of windsurfers enjoying to learn the sport in this area.

The temperatures at this time of the year are still pleasant. What the riders worry will be more Sylt in the first week of October, and La Torche on the last week of the same month.

So, let’s not think our professional riders sitting on the beach with coconuts trees,  and girls in bikinis’.  Today the only spectators which were enjoying the beach life were a couple of seals!

After the first 4 days, Matteo Iachino is leading the man ranking! Still 2 more days to go, but let’s see what the wind will do. The forecast is more light wind, but on the edge for racing. Let’s see if the forecast will change, as up in this part of Europe it’s changing often.

Another great position for the moment is the one for our Team Captain Andrea Cucchi, sitting in sixth place. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Kurosh Kiani are fighting for top positions as well. Bruno Martini after a fantastic 11th place in the first elimination, was forced to quit the second elimination as by rigging his sail not properly his downhaul loosened up and missed the chance to do his heat. Now sitting in 22nd position.

In the girls the top 2 Point-7 girls are now in third and fourth position with Lena Erdil and Fujiko Onishi. Lena was the winner from the second elimination. Fujiko has been racing very consistent hammering all her starts.

Stay tuned on the PWA site for next 2 days!

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