PWA Klitmoeller 2013: report

The final day of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup saw an enthralling day of competition as Cold Hawaii returned to life with a vengeance, as howling winds and big, powerful waves arrived just in the nick of time to allow a result to be gained for the fourth successive year. Martin Ten Hoeve and Adam Lewis from the Black Team, after the single elimination, both managed to enter top 10. Congratulation guys!

[image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]Martin Ten Hoeve going for a nice aerial front side[/code] [image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]Art and Passion by the official PWA photographer John Carter. Black is beautiful[/code]

Next PWA stop will be Sylt on the 27th, where both will meet up with the rest from the Black Team. So more action is waiting for us in a few days. (ph John Carter| PWA)

[image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]Full one handed turned back loop When the rider has a great synergy with his equipment Adam Lewis Black Team with Adam Lewis[/code] [blockquote cite=”Andrea Cucchi” type=”left”]It’s an exciting year for our team, our Black Team. Obtaining top 10 results in all disciplines gives a good feeling to the work that the whole team puts together. In Klitmoeller having 2 riders out of 2 in top 10, is a great result. I’ve seen Adam landing one handed the one handed backloops. The control is fully there, and this improvement in his control, is also arriving from the development of the new sail. It was a long time that Martin did not get a top 10 results, so now let’s keep the focus for Sylt, which will start already this week.[/blockquote] [image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]Martin Ten Hoeve in his BLACK TEAM wind jacket keeping warm after a great performance which brought the tall man to the top 10[/code] [image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]Martin Ten Hoeve in his luxury apartment on wheels[/code] [blockquote cite=”Martin ten Hoeve” type=”left”]The PWA Klitmoller had this year everything in it, from big wave and side shore wind to dead onshore wind. Last day everything came together with the forecast and we mannish to get a single elimination done. After I had to resail mine heat against Dario because the Judge missed a jump of me I finally lost against Alex musso and finnish this year event at 9th place.[/blockquote] [image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]One handed backloop by Adam Lewis[/code] [image src=”” alt=”Alt Text” type=”none” float=”none”] [code]Adam Lewis loving his sponsors[/code] [blockquote cite=”Adam Lewis” type=”left”]It’s always a good event in cold Hawaii, this year was no exception. We had a bit of everything light down the line to windy on shore. I finished 9th after loosing a really close heat to Robby swift, a little frustrated as I would have like a little better but full fired up for sylt and stoked to maintain my place inside the top10 overall.[/blockquote]

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