Point-7 in Australia

Introducing our Network point in the Down under!

This month we are introducing to you our Australian distributor. Jurgen is a very dedicated distributor and enthusiast of the brand. He loves the outdoor windsurfing lifestyle which he shares with his family, and to spread the Black Sails in Australia.

Dear Jurgen, when you took Point-7 in your hands, only few black sails in Australia were present. It was still the early days of the brand. The brand being from Europe is far from Australia, so your job is to make it known. How are the people seeing point-7 in the country?
There is an active race / slalom en GPS crowd here and they look at Point-7 as an innovative and fast brand!

If I’m in Australia and want a Point-7, what’s the quickest way?
Call Jurgen at 0429260514!

Lots of Europeans come to Australia for wave sailing. Do the Australian windsurfers only wave sail or do other disciplines?
Australia is huge and has an enormous variety of local spots! You can always sail somewhere in pristine conditions!

Which locations are most known in Australia for windsurfing?
Western Australia has famous spots like Margaret River, Coronation and Gnaraloo. Victoria is the home of Sandy Point – the worlds fastest natural speed strip. We has it all here 🙂

Which sail do you enjoy most from the Point-7 range?
I like the AC-ONE for it’s bottom end and speed. When I wavesail I use the Salt Pro. Keep up the good work Team Point-7 and I am sure more Aussies will eventually GO BLACK!

Thank you Jurgen,


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