Maasvlakte 2

It has been a while that I have been windsurfing, but the last 2 days were a good start.

The groundswell that came through on Thursday from the north brought some nice surf conditions along in the eve. The main swell was predicted on Friday so it was quite sure it would be epic for Friday. Only a small detail was that we had to drive one and a half hours to catch up the swell, because at home the break was not able to catch it.


I have never been to the new Maasvlakte 2. This land has been self made by the dutch people, we are quit famous about these things. If you think about it its quite strange to drive in the sea theoretically.

We were driving along the sand dunes. Sand was blasting like a desert storm over the brand new open landscape coast.

Once we arrived on the parking place we saw nice side onshore conditions with proper breaking waves.

First session felt straight quite good. Me and my starboard tack are a strange combo, sometimes I sail like a cook on this tack and today it felt quit natural.

After an hour or so the tide started to kick in and we made the decision to move to a down wind place. The Maasvlakte gives the oppertunity to find just in 1 km more side shore or offshore conditions. Once arrived to the more down wind place I was stunned about the perfect hollow beach break and my heart started to beat faster.


Perfect barrels where rolling along the shallow beach break which gave me almost the feeling to pick my surf board instead of my windsurf gear.

The first round out sailing I saw a surfer in my eye corner tucking into a perfect barrel which was sucking nice beach break sand along. Wow

The first wave was straight a beauty and that was one of many more..

Martin Ten Hoeve H-999

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