Interview with Basile Jaquin

We are getting closer to the start of the season, and we´re keeping a close eye on one of our talents of the team: Basile Jaquin from New Caledonia!. He´s recently moved to France where he´s studying and spending his hours on the water in Hyeres and preparing for the 2018 season. We caught him for a few questions.

Hi Basile. Please introduce yourself
I’m from New Caledonia and I’m 19 years old where there was the last final of the PWA last year. I started windsurfing with my father in my club ACPV in New Caledonia when I was 7 years old. When I started I had a lot of fun doing freestyle but then in 2013 I switched to slalom. Now I live in France in Hyeres and train on the spot of Almanarre.

Your height and weight? I’m 1,86 m and 89 kg.

Why did you decide to move to France?
I moved to Hyeres because of my study and I have family there. But it’s also a very nice place to train with all conditions and easy to travel in Europe

From a paradise, to a windsurfing paradise. How does the life change now?
The spirit of an island is always different then Europe, but I fill like home in Almanarre. The biggest change is the wetsuit haha

How is the spot for windsurfing, and who are you mainly training with? The spot in Almanarre can be choppy, wavy and flat, so perfect spot to progress in every condition. My training partners are Jimmy Thiémé, Damien Arnoux and Nicolas toward.

You have been dominating a lot of youth events in the last year. What were the different steps which you did before becoming PWA Youth Slalom World Champion?
The biggest change between PWA and youth competition is the level of all the fleet. To be youth PWA world champion you need the be in good position in every PWA events. For that you need to pass the step (quarter final.). So, you need to be very time at 100%. In youth event the top guys are in 100% only during final or semi.

You have started university. Some other PWA riders don’t have this extra work. Do you feel studying will slow down your windsurfing, or do you have enough time during the day?
I think studying is a help to have good result in windsurfing. Because when you have bad event you can say ok it’s not my work so less stress.

You are officially this year member from the Point-7 Black Team. What are expecting now that you are in the team?
I’m happy because our team is fully motivated and young. Andrea is helping us a lot and put most of he’s energy on that so fill nice during events.

Point-7 team philosophy has always been to take young talents and help them to grow to get important results. Who is in the team, and do you think you will be the next Champion from the team?
I think that Francesco is a really promising young talent

Slalom or foil?
Now I didn’t make more than 20 foil sessions, for this reason I have a better feeling in slalom. But I can’t wait to start racing with the hydrofoil.

Only slalom and foil or do you practice also other disciplines?
I practice everything. In New Caledonia I used to freestyle a lot, now in France the condition is really good for wave sailing so I spend time with the wave board.

What do you like most about windsurfing?
I like the spirit of this sport, most of the riders are friends with me and I love to travel around the world all year long with them

Last year you had results in top 10 between the man in the PWA. Many older riders never had that. What is your strong point on getting to these top positions so young?
My strongest point I think is I never give up and try to be at 100% every time without taking too much risk

Point-7 CEO is racing the PWA, and you end up racing against each other? How does that feel?
Feels nice and I think it’s a motivation for everyone.

What are your plans for 2018 racing season, and what are your expectations?
My plan is to make all PWA tour, some IFCA and the French tour.

Describe yourself with 1 word? Motivated.


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