EFTP meets Yentel & the Slash!

After ripping up the local spots of Cape Town and Europe, Yentel Caers, our freestyle ripper signed in at the EFTP freestyle event in Lanzarote for his first event of the year. In the varying conditions he showed great form with great consistency over the competition days! He ended up in 3rd place, and is now in Fuerteventura preparing for his next event:  The PWA Gran Slam at Sotavento beach. He has already got the new Slash freestyle sail in his hands going higher and more radical! We caught up with Yentel on his way to Fuerteventura with a few questions:

We saw you ripping at the EFTP freestyle event in Lanzarote using the Slash freestyle sail. Do you feel on form now for the PWA events?
Yes, last week of competing at the efpt in lanzarote was a great warm up for the first PWA stop in Fuerte, I feel really comfortable with my sail en happy about my sailing. I’m ready to start the PWA season, the PWA system fit also a bit better to my style and moves I prefer to do. 

How were you finding the new Slash as a performance freestyle sail? Does it meet up to your demands?
The new slash is killing it!! i’m super happy with the performance. A light powerful sail what perfect fits to my aggressive style. I really enjoy every session on the water small are big sail doesn’t matters.

Italian brand, Belgian boy! How does that fit together? The attitude, the performance or both?
you know Europe is small, few hours drive en I’m at Garda. and i have the luck my girlfriend is living at lake come what’s not so far from garda away. but i’m really happy to be in the Black team, it’s always a good vibe and everyone is pushing hard! the connection is really easy, just have to ask and everyone is ready to help you out! 

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