Black Sheep in Lanzarote

February or March, as in the last years, have always been the favourite months to plan the classic winter meeting of the black sheep in a warm place.

The desire to find warmer temperatures and nice wind conditions pushed some black sheep in the recent past to find themselves especially in the Canary Islands like Tenerife, Fuerteventura and now Lanzarote.
This year a little group of friends found the time to travel together and reach the Point-7 Black team, who were all united for their classical slalom winter training in Lanzarote.

The appointment was fixed for the 24th of February. Destination Costa Teguise in Lanzarote, a very nice city in the north-eastern coast of the island and one of the favourite spot for many pro riders.

The first sensation that has amazed everyone just arrived on the island is the pleasant difference of temperature compared to Europe, with at least at 20 degrees in the air and 14-18 knots of wind at the airport. Wow, what a difference! The forecasts was for a different wind direction than the classical North East wind. The wind was for all our stay from the south west. The complete opposite from the usual trade wind. Exactly from the opposite side! These are details that do not worry us, as long as the wind blows.

Many pro riders were already on the island to join the slalom pro training and it was exciting to see how they sail and how fast they can be. It’s always a good experience and if you’re lucky you can learn many tricks from them.  This is already a reason why you would need to join next winter!

One of the most important things in these days, beyond the possibility of windsurfing in very nice conditions, are the friendly spirit that inevitably grows between people, and to share most of the times the different activities available. If the wind blows you can wake up in the morning, breakfast, briefing quickly on
the beach to check the wind and the sea and then everyone goes in the water, beginners, advanced, experts, athletes, just have fun and try to do their best.

If there’s no wind or too much for you there no problem in Lanzarote. There’s always something alternative to do as running, bike ride, surfing, walking, and there are so many places to visit and beautiful landscapes to see.

Las Cucharas beach is one of these beauties, it is lovely, and perfect for holiday days. Even for families, children, wives and girlfriends there are so many possibilities of fun, relax and discoveries.  If you need a place to stay in Costa Teguise, you can choose from many hotels, apartments, there is plenty of choice for all prices and tastes. Rent a car to explore  all its length and width of the island can be a smart idea.

Fortunately, the wind is almost never fails and, just for the record, at least a couple of days the conditions were really epic with wind more than over 30 knots from S/SW and high waves, conditions that have put a strain on even professionals, as Andrea Cucchi said: ” I was feeling sorry for the board and boom… and for my knees! The hardest water surface I slalom raced in. Was fun and scary when overpowered.” To hear the boss, means that the condition is really hard!

The whole week was enough windy, and it was possible to use all sailing sizes, some days with light wind, others with stronger wind and choppy conditions put the resistance under stress! For sure our point-7 are the right equipment for every situation and the tips from the local guys and the black team were precious. Thank you!

Every day you never miss a cocktail together to celebrate a beautiful day. The same happens in the evening, it’s fun to go around the island and choose different places to dine and try many different foods with your friends. Therefore, if during the next winter, you need a bit of fun, relax, meet new people, see new places, a bit of warm for the bones, you can with no doubt join the flock and spend some of your time with those guys in the next trip.

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