Black Academy on Walchensee with the Blacksheep

Thanks to the collaboration with Hang-Five Surf shop and Tobi Ulrich, this weekend, the Blacksheep meeting was held on Walchensee. A small lake at 800m altitude in the Bavarian mountains close to Garmish.

Over 50 windsurfers using the Point-7 black sails gathered to enjoy and share, a weekend of windsurfing. The lake offers pleasant thermic winds in the afternoon for winds from 10-20 knots. Saturday the wind was pushing up to its max and got everyone exhausted from 3h on the water.

In the evening the rain pushed in and the thermic did not work out for the Sunday session. This gave a chance to have everyone getting their sails trimmed by our team, and for the first time, the AC-One and the Slash 2017 was presented by Andrea Cucchi.

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