Point-7 being the score of the winner in the windsurfing competition scenery is the essential soul of the company. This was proven by winning the PWA slalom world Championship, The PWA Constructor Slalom World Championships, and winning and reaching podiums in both wave and freestyle disciplines. Not just winning on competition fields, but a winning passion in creating a product to be a unique master piece with implemented Italian design.

The goal to propose a difference on the market: winning performance, great quality at a fair price. A professional product that delivers every time.

Founded in 2007 by Andrea Cucchi, always involved in windsurfing business, starting from his professional career as a pro rider where he obtained 13 national champion titles and 2 world titles.

A winning team of professional dedicated members are constantly working to innovation and design to bring out to the market only high performing products. 365 days a year on the beach learning the beginner’s and pro’s windsurfing needs.

This enthusiasm has helped the brand to be well recognized around the global windsurfing scene.  The brand is presenting a full sail range, enough to satisfy any windsurfing discipline or level.

Point-7 is based in Italy and is known as one of the most innovative and stylish Windsurfing brands there is, benefiting from an ever-increasing market share and brand recognition.

Unique products, passion for windsurfing, and a healthy competitive & friendship lifestyle… …is the winning key of Point-7.


The products are designed and manufactured at different selected high quality manufacturing plants all around the world devoted to the production of windsurfing products.


Point-7 products are outstanding in terms of performance, design and high quality, and are known all round the world thanks to a strong and well balanced brand portfolio. The black sails, the black team, winter slalom training, are only some of the innovation projects that the brand has brought on to the market.


The Group’s wholesale distribution network, covering over 50 countries across five continents, has 40 distribution centers and over 100 commercial subsidiaries providing direct operations in key markets. Direct wholesale operations are complemented by an extensive retail network for prescription and surf segments.

Our Philosophy

Point-7 finally gives you the opportunity to get the perfect integrated rig to a very competitive price level. Having the right mast, sail, boom and extension combo will guarantee the overall quality and durability of your rig along with having the highest performance possible. Our PWA team is out there testing each day to obtain this.

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Powerful fast sails with loads of control early planning abilities, great stability and light feeling in strong winds. A great wave selection. These are the main characteristics of the black sails. These features gives a great sailing range to each size, allowing it to have less sails in your personal quiver. With only 8 sail lines and 3 mast lines: all with very specific characteristics for targeting each single windsurfers special needs and all disciplines.



Utilizing the newest technologies and materials available, Point-7 sails are always one step ahead of the industry. Using exclusive UV stabile materials, to increase life of a.
No-stop development about our products. The mast production is based in Italy and is possible to have a continuous development into new products and ensuring that the standard on all products are second to none.



Our interest is to give you the best sail size, and typology to optimize your fun. This is why you have an online customer care service at your disposal, directed by our Chief Tester Andrea Cucchi. With him for each nation we have chosen excellent windsurfers who can supply you with the best advice available online. All products are available from our retail service, whether this being a new sail, mast or a small replacement part for your rig.. We will have it for you in stock. Being Unique! They are different thanks to the ULTRABLACK© UV Resistant Monofilm. You will be noted on the water, and it will be easier to be seen by your partner. Eye catching for photographers.

Behind the Company

  • Roberto Cucchi
    Roberto Cucchi PRESIDENT

    An expert in International Business, Roberto decided to invest his time towards a more ‘pleasureable’ business. After having supported Andrea through his windsurfing, he is now supporting the P7 Squad on the business side of things.

  • Sara Cucchi
    Sara Cucchi Strategic Support, Controller

    Economics graduate, expertise in multi-cultural business environments.
    After spending most part of her professional life developing a career through product marketing and sales in the food and drug distribution market, Sara joins Point-7 to support one of the most exciting moments of growth since the early days of Black Sailing.

  • Andrea Cucchi
    Andrea Cucchi C.E.O. / R&D

    13 Italian Championships and 2 World Titles; Andrea is the ‘boss-man’ at Point-7 directing all processes surrounding our products and overseeing the companies direction. As chief sail tester for all sail lines and with a key role behind the scenes in Point-7’s marketing and branding, Andrea is our sail designer and follows the product manufacturers to assure the best quality products are brought to the market under the Point-7 name. Andrea is also part of the board committee from the PWA World Tour and innovator from the winter windsurfing camps in the Canaries.

  • Francesco Prati
    Francesco Prati Head of accounting, Operations Manager

    Taking methodical care of the accounting and suppliers during the day, Francesco is off every lunch break to the closeby waters of Lake Garda, to build up his speed which has taken him to third at the Italian National Slalom Championships this year. Clarke Kent behind the computer by morning, and Superman by the beach by afternoon, Francesco is our diehard chief at the Point-7 headquarters.

  • Dirk Doppenberg

    After having had multiple experiences as brand manager, sails manager in the windsurfing business, and a career as a pro-windsurfer and tester, Dutchman Dirk Doppenberg has decided to join the black force to follow the international sales business. Nothing better for a sales manager to know, use and understand the product when it comes to sales.

  • Carlo Alberto Pizzamiglio
    Carlo Alberto Pizzamiglio Logistic Manager

    After 20 years running windsurfing shops, Alberto, aka “Pizza”, has upgraded to managing our main European Distribution Warehouse and our first Point-7 Store on Lake Garda.Alberto takes care of all the customer-care after sales service and if he sees you on the beach with a Black Sail, he will be straight over to you to trim your sail to the perfect Point-7 setting.

  • Tommaso Della Frana
    Tommaso Della Frana Official Photographer

    A professional photographer for many world-famous Italian fashion brands, Tommy is an active windsurfer, that thanks to Point-7 became great friend with Andrea. Tommy is always available to take time out of the Fashion and Industry scene to follow the P7 Team on trips, PWA World Tour events and photoshoots at the world’s best windsurfing locations.

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