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AC-Kpro Vs AC-Z: The difference.


Isn’t it too much to have a 2 and a 3-cam sail in the range? Well not when you have an AC-Z and an AC-Kpro developed with huge differences for their purposes. The advantage to focus only in windsurfing for our brand is exactly this. Test all the models, all the sizes, and make sure that each of our clients find a tailor suited sail.  Our AC-Z is ready to battle against any other 3cam sails on the market, and at the same time gives the same easy feeling as any other slalom no cam sails. The AC-Kpro is an easier pure race sail. The end speeds of the sails are the same. The difference is the extra acceleration and power that the Kpro delivers, against a lighter maneuverable Z. When you can honestly answer these questions, you can easily choose the right model for yourself. I like to enter some races for fun(Kpro). My jibes are at 70% not planning, but I rarely plane out of the jibe (Z). I want to just enjoy cambers feeling(Z). I want to make fun of my friends on their full race sails (Kpro). I’m not sure if I should go for a cam sail or a no cam (Z)

AC-Kpro Racing AM 3cam

AC-Z 2cam racing

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