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SALTpro Vs Slash: The difference


Let’s take the Slash against the Salt. It’s freestyle against waves. Both have 4 battens. Where is the difference? The Slash has no profile on the battens for throwing the sail straight into the wind without that it changes direction. The Salt has it to have more drive in the bottom turn. The rotation of the battens on the slash is more. This gives a fuller front profile when needing to float after a pop, and therefore have more time to execute a move. The Salt has less to be more reactive and neutral when going for the cut back. The Dacron on the luff panel is wider at the bottom on the Slash to give a faster acceleration in a short space distance, more lower pop power to push higher upwards when jumping. The Dacron on the luff panel of the salt is more focused at the boom height to allow for constant stable power to control the drive either when jumping or riding. The Slash has less loose leach to have more stability and more power in the air and for clew first maneuvers. The Salt has more lose leach to be more comfortable in a wider variety of conditions, more speed for going for big airs, and to neutralize when finalizing the cut back. The slash has a straight base cut higher for ducking moves. The salt has less to have more power to get planning in super light offshore conditions, and more bottom turn driving power. The base of the Salt has some profile in the base, while the slash stays with the minimum profile needed to give only stability but no power. The Salt has a higher clew and grommet for more comfort while surfing the wave. The Slash lower to easily push up more the base for ducking space. Both will do the job for both freestyle and waves for fun purpose but prioritize your choice according to which of the 2 disciplines you will do the most as they will help improve your skills exponentially.



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