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F1e 5.4 & 6.4 Vs Spy 5.4 & 6.4: The difference

F1e 5.4 Vs Spy 5.4

This is one of the hard ones to choose from.

We developed to the F1e 5.4 to be a new power wave concept in a big size, where most probably 5.4 could be the biggest size needed for the minimum wind. The camber below the boom, the wider sleeve is giving more power and drive, just like if you would be on a 6.0, but at the same time the extra stability helps to blast on windier conditions than normal. So, our question to you would be: are you ready to believe that this wave sail is the future?

There are 2 answers to this question and the 2 main points are:

  1. I sail only in waves and ride them with good energy.
  2. I use a wave sail for windy and bumpy conditions and my wave level is more basic?

If you belong to point 1, the decision could be more for having a Spy 5.4. You will be maybe getting into more wipe outs when falling in waves, you would want something more thoughtless from rigging to very quick water starts and trying some more radical rotational moves.

If you belong to point 2, your choice can easily go for the F1e 5.4. You cruise in bump and jump conditions with drive stability and control. Huge wind range and higher and longer jumps. More control on the board. You can still ride waves and try any jumps like back loops and front loops. It’s of course less indicated for moves, where you need a super quick rotation of the tack, but to do that your level is ready for a Slash freestyle or a Salt pro wave batten.

If you like foiling where your 5.9 is normally your biggest sail the 5.4 F1e replace that size immediately. The sail gives the same power and the extra sleeve with and cam is just killing in performance any other wave sail on the foil. The extra is that you can use it without the foil after. The Spy 5.4 is also working on the foil thanks to the nice deep profile in the front, just like foil sails should be, but it does not have the same extra kink as the F1e.

We did not develop the F1e 5.4 for foiling, but after we have been testing it on a foil too, we discovered to be an amazing foil sail, so from being a new concept for wave sailing, bump and jump, we decided to have in our F1e hybrid range!

You are on a lake, or onshore winds spots, sometimes gusty floppy conditions? F1e

Do you wave-sail on a nice side-on spot, sometimes side shore, and you also like a bit more power than a normal wave sail? Spy.

Are we going to see only wave sails like the F1e in the future? We leave this question to those who will get electrified by the new F1 5.4!

Now you can chose!



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