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F1e Vs FIN LINES : The difference


With the introduction of foiling, we have integrated in our range the Foil sail range. We developed a dedicated foil sail only for foiling in the racing discipline called the F1sl and a no cam slalom sail called the F1X.

Realizing that many windsurfers would not get a dedicated sail for foiling only, we introduce a Hybrid sail for this category. This way those who will choose a Point-7 sail for foiling, they will also be able to use it with normal fin windsurfing, without having to buy another sail of the same size, and with no compromises if used in the right wind range.

There are 2 categories of foiling, and therefore we developed 2 categories of sails in the F1e. For those who will want to go with big freeride\freestyle foils we made the F1e 5.4 and 6.4. For those who want to free on a foil and on the fin, the F1e 7.4 and 8.4. 5.4 and 7.4 more for medium to light weight people. 6.4 and 8.4 for heavier sailors.

The size had to be the biggest size needed to get planning in the light foil wind, but at the same time if the wind would increase, the sail would keep going for another 8 knots of wind on a board with a fin. Bringing the range of these sails from foiling already under 10knots, and from over 14\15 knots on the fin up to around 20\22knots.

How did we make the sail work to become a Hybrid F1e? It’s not easy to mix the 2, as what would be really needed to make a slalom sail efficient in light wind, is exactly what you would not want to feel on a foil. A foil sail needs to have most of its stiff profile well locked in front. Zero power on the back hand and less opening of leach. While a slalom sail is looking for some backhand power to push on the fin in light wind to get speed and acceleration. A wide outline to generate power, against a shorter boom and high aspect of a foil sail. Wait a second! All those ingredients that a sail needs for light wind on the fin, are though not needed on a foil to go in light wind and are also not needed on a slalom in medium to higher winds! That made the work a bit easier, and by fine tuning the batten set up, profile, outline, opening of the leach we managed to have the sail to perform to have great fun on both fin and foil! If you take our Hybrid sail, you will enjoy foiling in light to medium wind on a foil, and you will enjoy windsurfing on a fin from medium to strong wind. In light wind you could suffer a bit the acceleration.




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